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The holy Islam guarantees success of this world and the hereafter

The Afghan nation, at the world level, possesses a devout, committed, and honorable character. Afghans, in every era, have strived to uphold their religious and national values, and they have never submitted themselves to slavery or allowed their identity to be compromised. They have always stood up for the defense of Islam and Muslims, sacrificing their wealth and all their cherished aspirations and desires. Our religious nation has a historic struggle against the English, Russians, and Americans, its alternatives have not been seen in the region, aiming to not let us remain under their influence. Throughout history, whenever a colonizer has invaded our land, they have created a large number of servants to serve their interests, under the pretext of freedom, progress, and development for our nation, they have used their own hidden agenda, but in reality, all of their slogans have been contrary to the truth. On this basis, the Afghan nation has fought against every colonial power and has rejected all their deceptive slogans. As the Afghan nation know what the money, roads and buildings of the invaders are in exchange for? And for what purpose are they shouting sympathy with us?! As it’s clear as the sun, the invaders are always trying to mislead the new generation, enslave them, promote religious and national values, and take away economic independence. As you know, the Soviet and Crusader invaders had built hundreds of centers here under different names to mislead and confuse our nation and the new generation. Since the infidels have always been defeated in the military field against the Muslims, that is why they are making such long-term plans based on which our new generation will be neglected and all our religious and national values will be destroyed. So that they can easily bring the Muslim land under their control. The Crusaders knew that they would definitely be defeated, so they paid more attention to the intellectuals and propagandas. For this reason, hundreds of media were operational day and night, they had created different subversive centers for youth and women under different names, and they even presented our sisters with the names of models and actors. Indeed, the colonialists, through their excessive consumption and exploitation, have not been successful in destroying our nation’s thoughts and beliefs. The small number of people who have fallen into their traps is insignificant compared to the Afghan people’s resistance against them. The Afghan nation, as a whole; is a religious, independent and courageous nation, it believes that freedom has more value than anything else and strives to upload its own values in religious and national matters. In the case of occupation and slavery, all the morals of the nations are destroyed. The price of independence is higher than anything else, in fact, independence is a fortress to protect worldly and hereafter interests and values, and without it, life ends in loss. In the past few decades, our entire religious and national values have been undermined, our economy has suffered, our spiritual values have been neglected, our voice has been silenced, our dignity has been trampled upon, we have been bombed and imprisoned, and our new generation has been deprived of opportunities. Now with the take of the Islamic Emirate, all our religious and national values are safe, we are moving towards economic stability, we have our own authority and the work of reforming and educating the society is going on. Muslims should have such a thought and belief that they should value their religious rituals more than anything else, they should sacrifice material things over spirituality, and they should live by the rule of honorable life and honorable death. As Islam is the religion of progress and the happiness of this world and the hereafter is not included in it. When our morals are safe, we need to make an effort for economic development. Presently, real steps are being taken for the economy and it has reached such an extent that the system and the country can be developed without foreign aid

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.