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The critical situation of Muslims in today’s world!

It has been heard for a long time that Muslims are in trouble and facing challenges from within and from the wider world. Sometimes the problems are from their own side, and sometimes they are in the hands of the enemy and they are more and more victims of their plans. With this, the Islamic world is going towards a decline, which is a very critical situation for Muslims. In a ‘Hadith’, our Prophet Mohammad (pbuh) by predicting future events said: “There will come a time when one who practices the principle of Islam will receive the reward of a hundred martyrs.” We might be on this time. In the Alama ul Asbab (the Realm of Reason), in the world we all reside, the reasons predicted for the destruction of a nation, have been perhaps fulfilled and we do see them; But unfortunately, there is no feeling for it. The following are some of those future events that have been predicted: 1: Most Muslims who claim they are real Muslims have put their religion behind everything else. In early times, Muslims used to sacrifice their wealth and children for the holy religion of Islam. They used to sacrifice even themselves and dignity for the religion. Every Muslim was always ready to sacrifice himself for Islam. They believed in Allah and spared nothing for Islam. Allah Almighty says about it: “Among the believers are men true to what they promised Allah. Among them is he who has fulfilled his vow [to the death], and among them is he who awaits [his chance]. And they did not alter [the terms of their commitment] by any alteration.” Unfortunately, few such Muslims can be found today, and we think that this goes to now to the non-believers as they do more for their religion. 2: Today, there are many religions in the world, where their followers are working day and night to promote their religion, trying to call followers of other religions to join their religion; but our Muslim brothers are still sleeping and doing nothing. If the Jews attack, the Muslims in Palestine are their physical victims, if the Christians test their strength, the Muslims in Azerbaijan and Iraq come under attack, if Hindus raise their voices; the great scientific center of Muslims in India comes under attack, and if the Burmese Buddhists become bloodthirsty, the blood of Muslims is shed in Rohingya without any question. Within the Muslim community, a so-called Daesh group is targeting real Muslims and religious scholars. 3: Today, distance from religion and ignorance is much more common as our rich Muslim brothers are far behind in religious information. 4: If you have previously turned to work to make money, everyone would know that he does not forget his religious service as well as his mosques, madrassas, schools and charity. But today, if someone serves the religion, for example, if go to build a seminary, school, hospital, road or any other good work, people will look at him with surprise and suspicion; Why? Because there is no sacrifice, no sorrow, no pain, and finally no feeling at all. 5: Today, trust has ended between the Muslim brothers as most are not truthful in their promises and do not abide by their promises anymore. 6: The most dangerous and terrifying situation that always hurts a person and is common among our Muslims is the accusation and excommunication as one accuses another Muslim of being an apostate, and instead of directing or guiding, they mislead their brothers. Some groups claim that they are the real Muslims and others are not. They are using the religion as a tool. Da’wah, which is the sacred duty of Prophethood, has now changed to a business for some groups. If we do think deeply, we find that the Muslims have reached the situation that the Holy Qur’an says about the Jews: “The Jews call the Christians non-believers and the Christians call the Jews non-believers, while they both recite the Book of Allah, that is, the Torah.” If we tell the truth, we can say that we are in even worse situation nowadays as all the enemies of Islam ‘Kufr’ have now all gathered and got united against the Muslims. The Jews and the Christians who are two different nations are now united politically, economically and culturally against the Muslim Ummah. The result is that our situation is getting worse day by day. If someone practices Islamic principles, he is considered as a man against today’s civilization. At this time, every awake Muslim preacher and writer suffering from the pain of religion needs to think fully and sincerely about the reformation and direction of their Muslim brothers. It is time to go for real Dawah and describe to them what Islam is and what are the real responsibilities of Muslims in this world. Mohammad Yaqoob Nayel

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.