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The blessing month of Ramadan and Muslims’ responsibilities

On the first day of Ramadan when fasting was in doubt, the Muslim had a strong wish to fast it as it was like a missing member of the family after eleven months. A number of the Islamic countries announced the d a y as the first day of Ramadan, but people in Afghanistan were somehow upset with a delay in the announcement of the first day of Ramadan by the Islamic Emirate. They got happy when the Islamic Emirate also announced the day as the first day of Ramadan. All Muslims are happy about the arrival of the blessing and forgiveness month of Ramadan. In fact, this month is a happy month like the blossoms of spring. We should pay full attention to this month as it is not a month only for fasting, but it is a month for spiritual cleans ing of the body and the inner being. After this month, we should test ourselves to see the improvement in our deeds. Have we benefited from this month or not? T h i s month is also called t h e month of blessing, the month of forgiveness, the month of dignity, the month of repentance, the month of self-acquaintance and the month that gives opportunity to human beings to do all the good deeds. It is a month in which you are invited to be the guests of Almighty Allah and you are regarded during it as worthy of enjoying Almighty Allah’s generosity. During the eleven months of the year, humans are oblivious to the remembrance of Allah and are facing with countless problems, and upon arriving the holy month of Ramadan, the human gets a chance to build himself up, bring himself closer to Allah, become a master of good deeds and morals, and the main purpose of fasting is to build oneself up and it is the season of getting closer to one’s true Lord. The blessings of Ramadan are only under- stood by those who are happy to receive a feast from Allah Almighty. The drops of blessings of this month fall first on the believers observing fast and those doing good deeds. The pure recitation of the Quran and special prayers purify the human body. Every year, the month of Ramadan falls like a piece of heaven to the desert of our world and we sit at the table of Allah and enjoy the heavenly spring season. Most of Muslims enjoy the thirty days of this month, but there are some who close their eyes and ears and do not enjoy even a drop of its blessings. These people are unfortunately the losers who will then regret forever. Those who go for observing fast and doing all good deeds in this month achieved great success. The most important issue for Muslims is to keep themselves away from sins. We as Muslims need to practice in order to save ourselves from sins. If we keep ourselves away from sins, we can reach our destination by spiritual journey, but if there is a heavy burden of sins on our shoulders, then it is not possible to reach our destination. It is the best month to keep ourselves from sins. Fasting is also a divine gift and blessing as well as a divine duty. It is the best and golden opportunity for those who have been given the blessing of fasting, but there are some difficulties ahead. The more we face with difficulties in doing good deeds, the greater rewards we get from as it is not easy to achieve without hardships. We should know that high positions can be achieved after enduring hardships and difficulties. Scholars say that there are three stages of fasting, and each stage has its own benefits. The first stage is to abstain from food, drink and things that break the fast. If the purpose of fasting is to protect oneself from things that break the fast, then there is great value and many benefits in it. During this month, we can test ourselves. Also, when the rich suffer from hunger and thirst, they feel the agony of the poor and, thus, they rush to spend on them in charity. In the same vein, when the poor see the rich suffering from hunger and thirst during their fast, they comfort themselves that they are equals in one way or another; a matter which gives the poor some sort of “psychological relief”. Whoever has experienced hunger and thirst knows these hardships very well. The holy month of Ramadan gives a person the strength to struggle and teaches them patience and tolerance in fulfilling their duties. There are lots of benefits of fasting and when the human stomach is empty as in this stage, one keeps himself from many things that are permissible for him in normal situations. The second stage of fasting is to keep oneself away from sins. Due to fasting, a person protects his eyes, ears, tongue, heart, and body parts from sins. Compared to the first stage, this stage has a higher status. The second stage of fasting is to protect oneself from sins, especially young people need to take full advantage of this stage. The third stage of fasting is that a person should avoid all things that make his heart and mind forget the remembrance of Allah. This stage of fasting has a higher status than the first two stages as remembrance of Allah makes Muslims closer to Allah. Through this, a person makes direct connection with Allah. The month of Ramadan is actually a month of prayer, supplication and piety. In this month, we can reach our destination by protecting ourselves from sins and bad deeds. In this month, the people should go for doing all good deeds and get preparation to go forward. Apart from fasting, it is very good if we also perform Nafl prayers, give charity to the poor, do good deeds and recite a lot the Holy Quran. The month of Ramadan is considered the spring of the Holy Quran; therefore, spend the night and day in remembrance of Allah, so that you are ready for the night of Qadr worship in this month. “The Night of Ordainment is better than a thousand months in which there is no Night of Ordainment for a righteous deed on that Night is better than one performed for a thousand months without it.” When this month ends, then a new day begins, which is the day of Eid, the small Eid. It is the day to get the result after the hardships in the month of Ramadan. From this day, we get preparation to welcome the month of Ramadan next year. If someone wants to be a guest of Allah in Ramadan and enjoy the blessings of the Night of Qadr, then he will walk carefully for eleven months. On the day of Eid, he will promise that he will spend the next year the same he spent his time during the month of Ramadan so that he will be able to sit on the table of Allah’s feast. Finally, may Allah protect all Muslims and especially the people of Gaza. Mohammad Yaqoob Nayel

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