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Tens of healthcare centers to be built across Afghanistan, minister

KABUL: The country’s Ministry of Public Health has announced that in the coming year, two hundred clinics will be built across Afghanistan.
“The ministry is trying to standardize Afghanistan’s health system so that the health capacity is equal to international standards,” Dr. Qalandar Ebad public health minister told a private TV channel.
Dr. Ebad said that to improve the capacity of health workers in the country, the Ministry of Health has short-term and long-term plans so that the capacity of doctors and health workers is equal to global standards.
“The death rate of mothers and children during childbirth has significantly decreased in the past year,” the minister added.
He assured that the polio virus has dropped to nil in the country because, in 2022, only one positive case of polio has been recorded throughout Afghanistan.
The Minister of Public Health accepts the problems in the health sector and said that there are still some groups in the health system that prevent the supply of better health services.
According to him, the Ministry of Public Health is trying to identify and remove these people from the health system.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.