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Telecommunications’ problems expected to be addressed this year, citizens

During interview with The Kabul Times, a number of Kabul residents ask telecommunications and information technology ministry to make effort to tackle problems in term of telecommunications networks services supply.
At the same time, minister of telecommunications and information technology says hereafter, they will not tolerate any telecommunications companies if they make a mistake.
Each day, the number of telecommunication services’ users are getting increased, but Kabul residents say that telecommunication companies’ services are not satisfactory to them.
Complaining about telecommunication companies’ activities, a number of Kabul citizens say that we are not happy of them, because recently, their services are poor, they take our money, but we cannot properly use their services.
Unfortunately, low services of telecommunication services is among our serious concern as their signal is still poor in some areas, a Kabul resident Salih said.
Business is the only goal of the telecommunication companies. They don’t consider their services’ quality, another Kabul citizen Shegofa said.
She added however, the ministry of telecommunications and information technology have several times fined them, but still the problems persist.
Therefore, these problems are hoped to be addressed this year.
According to the ministry of telecommunications and information technology, currently 23 million people have access to internet services.
People believe that a number of telecommunication companies recklessly activate some services which cause their bonuses to be finished soon.
“I had a sim-card from a company which was stealing my credits. Once I called its customer services, but they didn’t pick up the phone. Then, I had to go to that company. When I reached there and shared my problem with them, they told me that you have registered a ring tune. I replied them I didn’t, but if you did that, it is not good. Finally, my problem has not been solved which made me to change sim card,” a university student Ghulam Reza said.
Besides, while complaining about telecommunication services in the country, a number of residents say that they have many problems in term of signal which should be addressed.
The ministry of telecommunication and information technology says that currently, telecommunications companies cover 89 percent of the country.
Earlier, Minister Aryoubi said they would give deadline for telecommunication companies to bring reforms, but if they don’t, their working license would be taken.
This comes as people don’t have access to telecommunication services in remote areas and they ask the related ministry to make effort in this regard.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.