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Teachers to have bridge constructed on way to school in Nangarhar

Local officials in Nangarhar say Saudi Arabia will build an air cable bridge for teachers who make their way to the river carrying inner tubes to commute to the school in Bili area of Nangarhar’s Momandara district. Every morning, the teachers of Bili High School in Nangarhar’s Momandara district make their way to the river carrying inner tubes. They commute to the school they teach by paddling their rafts across fast-moving water to get to the other side of the 46-meter-wide river. According to officials for Nangarhar education department, the teachers by accepting all risks commute to the school they teach on daily basis as one of the teachers lost his life years back. They say Saudi Arabia has taken steps to address this problem and build cable-bridge for teachers to commute to the school Meanwhile, local people in Bili of Nangarhar’s Momandara district by praising Saudi Arabia for the step say most of the problems of the area will be addressed if a bridge is constructed on the river. “We hope Saudi Arabia takes more steps in the construction of such bridges in the country. Both the teachers and local people are facing with lots of difficulties,” said Sayed Yasin, a resident of Momandara. Arif Hussainkhil, another resident of Momandara, has also appreciated Saudi Arabia for the step, but saying that the country should find a fundamental solution to the problem. “The people of both sides of the river want this problem to be addressed fundamentally,” Hussainkhil said, adding that Saudi Arabia should construct a big bridge on the river as the air-cable bridge won’t resolve the people’s problems. A number of people say no attention has been paid to remote areas’ problems in previous regimes, but with the Islamic Emirate (IEA) takeover, attention to remote areas has increased. “We had had lack of access to services for years, but previous governments did not use to resolve problems of local people living in remote areas of the country,” said Shah Mahmoud, a resident of Momandara’s Bili. He said the Islamic Emirate has paid particular attention to addressing problems facing local people in remote areas of the country. The school they teach at currently has over 1,000 students, including girls attending primary classes. The school was opened in 2004. During this time period, no attention has been paid to addressing problems facing teachers in this area. Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.