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Taxpaying; good revenue for govt.

Taxpaying is not only a good revenue to the government but also an effective source to implementation of project in the country. Recently, Nangarhar’s collected revenues have shown 25 percent increase and this is good news to taxpayers to pay their taxes on time.
Economic experts believe if the ministry of finance applies limitation on those companies that don’t pay their taxes, they would get compelled to pay their taxes on time.
This would also cause that tax evasion culture to be ended by some companies and would help government’s revenue to raise, they added.
Recently, the finance ministry has fixed a time to those companies that have not paid their taxes to settle their accounts.
Finance ministry officials believe that if the private companies pay their taxes on time, government revenues’ level would jump.
If the fined companies don’t pay their taxes, their assets would go on sell, their accounts would be closed and they would be banned to travel, head of revenue department for the finance ministry, Abdul Ajeeb Zadran said.
He added we have deducted 95 percent of the tax fines of those companies that didn’t pay their taxes in a bid to encourage the private sector.
A number of companies didn’t pay their taxes from 1381 to 1396 solar year that caused imposing heavy fines on them, he said, adding in order they can settle their tax fines we have endued 95 percent of the tax fines worth 20 billion Afg.
According to him, 60 percent of the companies have paid their taxes worth almost 10 billion Afg so far.
Earlier, the ministry of finance had taken nine months to these companies to pay their tax fines, but recently, it extended the deadline until Qaus month.
Lauding the step taken by the ministry of finance, deputy to chambers of commerce and industries, Khan Jan Alokozay asked the ministry to exempt taxpaying for three years on those companies that are newly established.
However, the ministry of finance has created regular systems to collect the customs’ taxes, but a number of people say facilities should be established in tax collection system, a move would help the taxes to be collected in a proper way.
Shukria Kohistani

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