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Taq-e-Zafar; symbol of freedom of Afghans & historic site

The Taq-e-Zafar (Arch of Victory) is a triumphal arch built by King Amanullah Khan. Besides that it’s a symbol of freedom and dignity of the peace-loving people of Afghanistan, it has changed into a place for tourism of the world’s nations. King Amanullah Khan, the former king of Afghanistan, started building the arch after the country got its independence following the 3rd Anglo-Afghan War in 1919.
Undoubtedly, the countries that reach freedom and independence after fighting and struggles, they go for building symbols to remember and commemorate their struggles and visit these symbols by marking Independence Day.
In addition to that Taq-e-Zafar is a symbol for remembrance of the country’s independence and to tribute the Afghan martyrs, it is considered as a position to describe the full determination and steadfastness of Afghan brave men against the British invaders.
For the first time, the former King of Afghanistan, Amanullah Khan, declared the independence of the country in Kabul’s Paghman; therefore, Taq-e-Zafar, built in Paghman, is considered as a symbol of freedom of the brave people of Afghanistan.
The monument was constructed after King Amanullah Khan and Queen Soraya Tarzi’s return from Europe in 1928. Amanullah brought in foreign experts to redesign Kabul. A Turkish architect designed the victory arch. At that time, at the entrance of Paghman, they created a European-style monumental gate similar to but smaller than the Arc de Triumph in Paris, France. Paghman turned into a holiday retreat as well as the summer capital.
The Arch was restored and was completed by the Ministry of Information and Culture (MoIC) on May 2005. Other damaged parts of the former Gardens were also rebuilt. It once again became a popular touristic site, and is popular with residents of Kabul. There was further development in the 2010s.
Sumia Seerat, who has returned the country after spending years abroad, is visiting Paghman’s Taq-e-Zafar. She’s happy about the improvement of security situation in the country.
“I’m happy that security and peace maintained in the country. The historic arch has been preserved, but few changes have been made in it, which does not question its antiquity,” Mrs. Seerat added. She further said the historic arch was considered as a symbol of freedom of the brave people of Afghanistan, a memorial to the martyrs of the Afghan jihad and a beautiful historical monument in the doorstep of Kabul’s Paghman. It is worth mentioning that Its wide avenues contained fir, poplar and nut trees which flew past the arch, villas and a golf course. It was a popular place for the wealthy and the aristocrats to visit. The gardens eventually has now become a popular place for local and foreign tourists.
Saida Ahmadi

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