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TAPI project’s technical study completed, minister

KABUL: The deputy Minister of Mines and Petroleum said the other day that the technical study of the TAPI Pipeline Project has been completed and that there was no obstacle before its implementation. Speaking to media, Deputy Minister Zia Rahman Aryubi said that work was underway on land acquisition in the western province of Herat. “The technical work on the projects has been completed and currently work is underway in land acquisition and other sections,”  said the minister assuring there was no problem in its implementation. Aryubi said that more than 400 mining areas have been surveyed.  “Excavation of 70 to 80 mines have been put up for bidding in various provinces,” according to him. The Ministry of Mines and Petroleum’s spokesman Humayun Afghan said the ministry collected over 17.4 billion Afghani in the solar year 1401, while it was 2.5 billion Afghani in the previous year. “In the previous year, more than 17.4 billion Afghani was made, 3 billion beyond the target,” said Mohammad Rassoul Oqab head of the directorate revenue department of Mines and PetroleumMinistry. The Kabul Times

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.