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Talks on Afghanistan situation not effective outside

For the effectiveness of a resolution and in order to take firm and crucial decisions, issues relating to a country should be discussed with the relevant authorities inside that country. Recent reports suggest that the U.S. special representative for Afghanistan Thomas West has once again embarked on a new trip ‘through the region for consultations with allies on issues including the situation in Afghanistan.’ Currently in Doha, West, as the report said, would meet Qatari colleagues, Afghan civil society leaders and partners’ missions, the U.S. state department said. According to the report, during his 10-day trip, Thomas West will meet with Emirati counterparts, Afghan businessmen and thought leaders and will hold consultations with Afghan political leaders, journalists, humanitarian professionals and human rights activists in Istanbul of Turkey. But, the U.S. special representative should be asked that why he wanted to talk about Afghanistan situation outside the country? Issues relating to Afghanistan’s situation up to those who are now in power and shaped the Islamic system. They deserved to be talked about the situation inside the country, not those who have now become aliens. The corrupt officials of the failed former regimes have now left the country and started investment in what they have looted and plundered from public properties in the hosting countries. Besides their own business, they often resort to secure contact and communication with some entities, the leaders of which are not interested in the restoration of an Islamic system in the country. They usually hold meetings, conferences and gatherings with the Westernized and utterly odious and wicked Afghans, in the paradise-like residences of their own, in the hosting countries. They had never thought and will never think about the real future of the Afghans, but only want to seek conspiracies to disturb the situation and once again reach power. But, will never reach their goals and the Islamic Emirate will never allow them to reach their spiteful plots, nor will they have a place in the current system. They can only return to their country and live like ordinary people availing of the IEA’s announced general amnesty. They can never decide on the fates of the Afghans neither their assertions about the future of the country are acceptable. So, any efforts to decide on the Afghan situation are in vain, either from foreign countries representatives or any other Westernized Afghans. Only those real Afghans who have kept their impartiality and are honestly thinking about the development of their country can join the incumbent Islamic system, consult for the improvement of the situation and serve their country and their nation. They have the right to discuss about the fates of their people and their country in close cooperation with their Islamic system, rather to allow others to interfere in our country’s internal affairs. Also, if the international community or other stakeholders in Afghanistan issues are really interested in developing their ties and truth-based relationship with Afghanistan and if they really want to cooperate with Afghanistan, a country which has now emerged from war and bloodshed and wants to stand on its feet, by reconstructing its infrastructures, they should avoid interference in the internal affairs of the country and directly talk with the Afghan authorities on the current situation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.