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Taliban’s war on public infrastructures

More and more Afghans are speaking out against the Taliban’s continuing campaign of destruction and Afghan development projects and public infrastructure, which undermines the country’s economic potential and well-being of its citizens.
The Taliban militants have destroyed dozens of public infrastructures in recent weeks upon seizing control of some districts in different provinces of the country. Infrastructures and public properties that the Taliban have attacked include schools, hospitals, bridges, electricity pylons, telecom towers as well as smuggling of military equipment to Pakistan.
In their recent attack on Andkhoy district of Faryab, Taliban burned the local shops and destroyed the telecom towers. Reacting to Taliban’s destructive activities, US Embassy Charge d’ Affairs said: “Seeing shocking reports from Andkhoy district of Faryab. The Taliban’s burning of shops & govt buildings, detaining of people, & destruction of infrastructure & communication networks demonstrate their extremism & their disregard for the human rights of the Afghan people.”
The Taliban has always been the enemy of Afghanistan’s prosperity and development. The Taliban groups sets fire to schools to ensure that the new generation who can build the country don’t have the opportunity to grow, it blows up bridges and roads so that the country can’t achieve any prosperity and development, and it destroys hospitals and telecom towers to stop healthcare and public services.
Attacking public installations and killing innocent civilians are not justifiable acts and can’t be forgiven. The Taliban’s claim that these attacks are for rescuing Afghanistan is just a lie, and the Afghan people will never forgive it. Such infrastructural projects are not military targets, and the Taliban’s attacks on infrastructures are crimes that represents the group’s brutality.
Contrary to their remarks for protecting Afghanistan and fighting foreign forces, Taliban has time and again attacked their Afghan fellows, however they made peace with foreigners. Meanwhile in a great betrayal to the country and nation, Taliban has been sending military equipment left on the battlefields to Pakistan.
The Afghan interior ministry says that Taliban sending military tanks to Pakistan via Zabul, however the ministry said that would be targeted such convoys if seen by the Afghan air forces. The group not only killing Afghans and destroying public infrastructures, but also allied with their main supporter, Pakistan, with dispatching Afghan military equipment and public infrastructures.
Indeed, the infrastructure doesn’t belong to the government; it belongs to the people, and no one has the right to destroy it. Destroying public sites and everything that belongs to Muslims is a forbidden and wrong act according to the holy religion of Islam. Setting fire to schools and destroying bridges, roads, electricity pylons and other infrastructures are illegitimate and extremist acts.
The Taliban group justifies its destructive and brutal activities with Islam, but these [evil] acts of the Taliban don’t have any association with Islam. These claims of the Taliban are no longer acceptable to the public because it can differentiate between right and wrong.
According to Islam teachings, everyone is responsible for protecting public properties and infrastructural projects. The Taliban should not resort to destroying public sites as this is an illegitimate act. The group’s recent approaches toward public infrastructures can’t be justified in Islam, but if they link it to Islam, it shows their extreme lack of Islamic knowledge.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.