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Taliban’s US drawdown demand has no legal, political legitimacy

Muhammad Naeem (L), a spokesman for the Office of the Taliban of Afghanistan speaks during the opening of the Taliban Afghanistan Political Office in Doha June 18, 2013. The Afghan Taliban opened an office in Qatar on Tuesday to help restart talks on ending the 12-year-old war, saying it wanted a political solution that would bring about a just government and end foreign occupation. Taliban representative Mohammed Naeem told a news conference at the office in the capital Doha that the Islamist insurgency wanted good relations with Afghanistan's neighbouring countries. REUTERS/Mohammed Dabbous (QATAR - Tags: POLITICS)

If the Taliban group wants to end the ongoing war, it definitely enters to intra-Afghan dialogues with Afghanistan government and can debate key issues as US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. US officials and representatives of the Taliban group are on the threshold of agreement on some issues as significant progress is seen after the fourth round of peace talks between the two sides in Doha. Nevertheless, no agreement with the Taliban group is legitimate in absence of Afghanistan government.
The current negotiations in Qatar have reportedly focused on issues including a timetable for the withdrawal of US forces and a ceasefire. But in Afghanistan, the people have been following the talks with fears and hesitations. 
Since no one on behalf of the Afghan government represented at the talks in Doha, it is not clear whether the US officials and representatives of the Taliban group will reach final agreement on discussed issues or not.
Negotiations with the Taliban in order to achieving peace is very important not only for both the people of Afghanistan and the region and world but not with the price of scarifications of the freedom and democracy. If US and Taliban reach an agreement in absence of Afghanistan government, the ongoing war won’t end, instead violence will further increase.
The government of Afghanistan has signed bilateral security agreement with US and based on the agreement, a small number of US and NATO troops should be in Afghanistan to engage mentoring and advising the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces.
Reports prepared by international organizations have shown that most of the people of Afghanistan do not accept the Taliban so-called emirate and model of their government. Afghanistan government is a legitimate government in accordance to international laws, has national sovereignty and can represent all Afghans and political forces of the country.
Therefore, Taliban should enter direct peace talks with Afghanistan. All super powers, regional and world countries and international organizations should make efforts towards facilitation of direct peace talks between the Taliban group and Afghanistan government. The group should first reach agreement with Afghanistan government and it’s the Afghan government than can decide regarding modality of foreign forces’ mission in Afghanistan rather than the Taliban as the group has no necessary legitimacy for security guarantee to US.
In addition, the Taliban group is not a single side for withdrawal of US and NATO troops from Afghanistan. It’s the Afghan government that can decide on the agreement. It is clear that the ongoing war in Afghanistan has made a number of regional countries, international community and Afghans tired, but to responsibly end the ongoing war, Taliban should hold direct talks with Afghanistan government, the only legitimate side that can end the ongoing war in the country. Hasty US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan before reaching an agreement or based on guarantee of a group has no political and legal legitimacy at all.
US troop withdrawal from Afghanistan should be part of a comprehensive peace agreement and one of the key sides of the agreement should be the Afghan government. The agreement should be guaranteed and funded by big powers.
Lailuma Noori

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