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Taliban’s sincere will for peace essential

The High Council for National Reconciliation and the State Ministry for Peace Affairs have confirmed that the negotiating delegations of Islamic republic of Afghanistan and that of Taliban met again in recent days and discussed key issues on agenda, including accelerating the process.
Confirming the meeting of both negotiating delegations, the Taliban spokesman said that resuming of Doha talks was agreed by both parties. If Taliban remain loyal to resumption of Doha talks, a new round of negotiation is expected to be started in Qatar between the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan and the Taliban group.
It is already clear that how much the new round of talks would untie the knot from current problems and would advance the peace talks one step further. Considering the Taliban action at the talks table and in the battlefield, at present there is no hope for success of peace talks.
Now, it’s clear that the new round of peace talks like previous rounds, would not culminate to particular outcome. To deviate public opinion and showing themselves loyal to peace process, Taliban attend the talks table but do not want the process to achieve any advancement, because they have no believe and determination to peace and peaceful solution of the ongoing conflict.
Taliban have concentrated all their energy and capacity on intensification of war and occupation of further geography so that to show weakness of the state.
While the withdrawal of the foreign forces is taking place in line with the schedule, but Taliban’s bloodshed and the group’s militancy are continued against the Afghans as they spare no efforts in targeting of public infrastructures and assassination of the innocent people.
The peace talks would only result if both interlocutors were entered the talks sincerely. Whenever one party of the talks doesn’t believe in peace and peaceful solution of the war, there would be no hope for talks success and there would be no expectation on resuming and continuation of the talks.
If the Taliban sincerely want to start a new round of negotiations, they should harmonize their actions adaptable with the spirit of peace and reconciliation. Taliban must stop war and violence and agree on the establishment of a nationwide ceasefire, which is the precondition and the dire need of the Afghan masses.
If the Taliban believe and have intention for peace, they must not proceed their impractical demands and pre-conditions prior to beginning of talks and then sabotage peace process.
Release of the rest of Taliban prisoners from the Afghan government jails should be discussed on the talks table and in case of both sides’ agreement, this must be executed after signing of peace agreement.
Whenever the Taliban insist on release of prisoners and implementation of their other demands prior to start of peace talks, the process lose its meaning and conception. Nevertheless, if the Taliban behavior would not change positively and their militancy spirit and adventurism continue, resuming of peace talks with this group means beginning of another vain round of negotiations.
If the Taliban bring no change in their actions and thought, do not stop war and violence and don’t enter peace talks sincerely, continuation of talks with this group would not produce particular expected result, rather it would be only wasting of time.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.