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Taliban’s reality & Imran Khan’s big lie

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan says that there is no any Afghan Taliban hideout in that country.
According to him, Pakistani security forces have several times asked the US to inform them of these hideouts.
Pakistan is hosting 2.7 million Afghan refugees and they live in big camps, he added.
He also rejected the U.S. officials’ allegations on presence of Taliban leaders in Pakistan.
He said Pakistan wanted good relations with the US.
He is overtly lying.
To justify this big lie, he has said a bigger lie. He said a number of Afghan Taliban would have been present in Afghan refugees’ camps in his country, an action which means Afghan refugees are a threat to Pakistan’s national security. He also accused Afghanistan for changing Pakistan into terrorists’ save haven.
Pakistan’s security forces have times and again asked the US armed-men to present them the information related to Taliban camps in that country. It means that the US is also lying.
Thus, the US should prove that it is decisive in fighting terrorism and it would not spare any effort against terrorism funding regimes in the region.
There is no doubt that the US better knows in which parts of Pakistan the Taliban are operational.
Considering its unlimited domination in Afghanistan, the US can easily discover the Taliban leaders’ centers and camps and if it wants, it can conduct an airstrike there to eliminate them forever.
As apparently Washington is decisive to find a way to end war in Afghanistan, it should change its policy before Islamabad.
In fact, Imran Khan’s lie would not be satisfactory to the Washington, as years ago, former President Hamid Karzai during a joint statement with Joe Biden, the then US Vice President said, we should take further steps on Pakistan and insurgents’ hideouts in that country, but Biden replied that Mr. President! Pakistan is fifty times important than Afghanistan to the US, adding golden period of Bush administration had passed. Taliban is your problem and al-Qaeda is ours.
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