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Taliban’s peace calls doubtful

The incidents happened in recent days in different parts of the country and left behind hundreds dead and injuries, indicate that despite of emphasize in resolution of Qatar talks on relaxing of violence, not only these tragedies have not been reduced but increased.
Calling the month of Saratan (July) as the bloodiest one in current year, the civilian protection advocacy group touching the civilians’ casualties, said that in this month 200 civilians killed and over 400 injured due to wars, suicide attacks and military operations.
The officials of the group added that during current solar month, the level of civilians’ casualties was very high in proportion to every other past month.
Taliban said to be behind increasing violence in recent days as their militants have indiscriminately attacked targets in villages and cities and created blood baths. Except the Friday attack near the entrance of Kabul university, Taliban have claimed responsibility of all other incidents in which large number of innocent civilians were victimized.
Although Taliban were blamed for attack or Friday, but it has been said that fearing judgement of public opinion on their hard heartedness and cruelty and their bloodthirsty spirit, they refused to claim its responsibility and announced that they were not involved in this attack.
Touching the reason behind intensification of violence by Taliban insurgents, political and security experts believe that in fact Taliban are not in favor of peace and ending of violence and current war in Afghanistan and all their positions and gestures were indeed hindrance and wasting of opportunity by this faction.
The main goal of the Taliban is to pave the way for their military victory and rehabilitation of their so-called Emirate and domination of Afghanistan territory. Taliban plan to conclude their business with foreigners, then intensify wars and violence and topple the government, influence into the cities victoriously and re-establish their shadow emirate.
Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah called Taliban policy as the main reason behind deadlocking of peace talks and said that Taliban contradictory demands have complicated the peace process. He added that Taliban emphasize that they want peace and ceasefire with foreigners not with the Afghan government.
Dr. Abdullah added that Taliban should not think that Americans would leave Afghanistan and they would forcefully achieve their goals. Meanwhile addressing a conference in Kabul, the second vice president said the peace slogans would be meaningless until Taliban continue war and bloodshed in the country.
The United States and Afghanistan’s neighboring countries need to put pressure on the Taliban to declare ceasefire if they really intend to stop civilian casualties and come to the table with genuine intention.
The war-war and talk-talk strategy seems confusing and will not bear the desired result and Afghans wont believe on Taliban’s peace calls if they don’t shun violence and war and deliberate targeting of the civilians across the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.