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Taliban’s media blitz

During the recent one month, the Taliban militants plundered several local radio stations and stopped activity of tens of printing publications upon attacking districts in different provinces of the country.
Taliban insurgents pillaged equipment of Radio Voice of Dehrawood and set ablaze its building following occupation of that district. Prior to this, Taliban set on fire building of Radio Watan in Shindand district and the group have also arranged broadcasting of Radio Nowbahar in Balkh district according to their own interests
Upon attacking districts, the Taliban turning media to their propaganda tribunes. Passing each day, Taliban narrow the space for media activities. In areas and districts which were recently occupied by Taliban, either the voice of media has been silent, or their activities have been converted according to the Taliban interest. Majority of media activists in areas under Taliban domination have either escaped or relocated to secure areas.
Taliban adversity with media and their violent approach with reporters and media activists have sparked grave concern throughout the country. Releasing a statement, NAI or supporter of Afghanistan Free Media has said that Taliban have not acted to their commitments on freedom of expression but taking steps against them.
Condemning the Taliban action against media, the Ministry of Information and Culture has also said the group is practically in hostility with civil and cultural values of Afghanistan. Taliban enmity with media and civil activists is not a new thing. During their five years rule in the country, Taliban had resorted to violent approach against media. During their domination, except radio voice of Sheria which was the only propaganda tribune of Taliban, no other media was allowed to operate. Even Taliban had shutdown activity of National Radio and Television of Afghanistan.
Today, Taliban also want to return Afghanistan to the past dark era. The group intends to keep the Afghan people in darkness and unawareness, so no one could talk against them. Taliban want the Afghan people to think, live like them and follow their way and style of life.
The picture which was given by foreign media during the last one year on Taliban, as if the group has changed and that they believe in freedom of opinion, civic values and human rights principles, was total proved wrong.
During the recent two months of their domination on certain parts of the country, Taliban have proven that not only have not changed but their approach and behavior have become further extremist and restricted and violent.
Now the time has reached that media activists and supporter bodies, human rights advocates, raise their voice of protests against Taliban’s anti media gesture, freedom of speech, women rights and human rights values.
Taliban violent actions against media, women and civic values must be documented and be handed over to international authorities. Taliban leaders who freely travel to regional countries or living in luxuries palaces, should be prosecuted and be accountable for these violations.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.