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Taliban’s increasing attacks amid peace commitments

Despite of increasing peace demands and ongoing peace talks, at least 11 people were martyred and dozens other wounded in multiple blasts in Kabul and Nangarhar provinces on Thursday. Meanwhile the Taliban had also carried out many attacks in different provinces which resulted to martyring of a number of security forces and civilians.
Though Taliban had denied their role in some of these attacks, but it is obvious that the group often stage brutal attacks in the country’s major cities, including Kabul. With launching deadly attacks and dual game, Taliban did not leave any place at the heart of people; many Afghan people say that they can accept any systems other than the so-called Islamic Emirates because they have martyred thousands of the innocent people across the country.
As per National Unity Government leaders, Taliban have become more hated than ever and even those who, somehow, have sympathy with this group have been shocked by the frequent waves of violence. Indeed, what is to be learned from all this hatred is that peace with such violent acts is impossible. Taliban’s attacks on civilians, including women and children, the innocent university students and dozens of national defense forces are not acceptable or justifiable in any principle. 
President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani condemned the attacks and blamed the Taliban for trying to seek upper hand in the ongoing peace talks with the U.S. in Qatar via such attacks.
“The Taliban are on one hand engaged in talks and on other, repeat such human calamities and crimes, but they must know that with doing so, they can neither gain advantage in peace talks nor escape from the disgust and hatred of the people,” he said in a statement.
Indeed, the intensified attacks which come after a few rounds of talks and even mutual agreement to prevent civilian casualties disappointed the public opinion from the ongoing peace process; this shows that the Taliban are not ready to enter into serious negotiations with the Afghan government. Probably the group is pursuing peace talks only for their political intentions. From one hand, they show themselves to the world’s public opinion as a peaceful group that wants to negotiate and peacefully resolve the problems of Afghanistan; on the other, they tactically intensify the ongoing violence and killings in Afghanistan to win greater privileges or impose the Islamic Emirate on the people of Afghanistan.
Now, in the light of increasing violent and terror acts, responsibility rests with national and international organs and US as well to think about ways and means for its countering. As aforementioned, Taliban have agreed during intra-Afghan talks held in Doha, to reduce the civilian casualties to “zero” amid the rising death toll in the war-torn country.
The joint statement which was released after the conclusion of the July 7-8 talks pledged to guarantee the security of public institutions, such as educational institutions, religious schools, hospitals, markets, water dams and other working locations. However, since that, Taliban group have intensified their assaults, and claimed responsibilities of a number of deadly incidents across the country.
Therefore, the international community and Afghan politicians should take wise steps during holding talks with a group that martyring Afghans on daily basis. If the group doesn’t stop violent acts, then such talks shouldn’t be held in future and political representation of Taliban in different meetings should be limited.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.