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Taliban won’t succeed through war, NATO SG

However, the government of Afghanistan along with world powers particularly the US is making effort to restore peace, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said that Taliban wouldn’t succeed through war, thus, they should seek for a political solution.
He stressed that any political agreement on Afghan peace, would affect NATO’s presence in Afghanistan in the future.
“Our military presence in Afghanistan aims to deliver a message to the Taliban that they would not succeed in the battlefields and the insurgent groups would not be able to establish any hideout in this country. Therefore, they should set around a negotiation table and seek for a political solution for Afghanistan’s ongoing crisis,” he added.
Assuring of his entity’s political, financial and military support from the Afghan security forces, he added supporting Afghan security forces is the best option so they can ensure their country’s security by their own.
Over the last few months, the U.S. has intensified peace talks with the Taliban and has held many meetings with their representatives in different countries.
During a meeting with presidential special envoy, Shanghai Cooperation Organization stressed that Afghanistan’s peace would be important to regional economy.
A number of experts while stressing on efforts to restore lasting peace and establish a regional consensus said that the Taliban should negotiate with the Afghan government and all world powers, regional countries and international organizations should also cooperate in this regard.
To put an end to the ongoing war, Taliban should reach an agreement with the Afghan government and then the international community and the government decide about the international forces’ mission way, a political expert Aminzoy said.
Without presence of the Afghan government, no political agreement would succeed, because, the government of Afghanistan is the legitimate side of an agreement to end war, he added.
Another political expert Amir Mohammad believes that Taliban want the foreign forces to withdraw from Afghanistan, but if the international forces hastily leave Afghanistan, eighteen years of humanitarian and financial expenditures of the international community and Afghan people would go in vain.
He added the world powerful countries should pressure those countries that support Taliban so they join peace talks with the Afghan government.
This comes as based on Taliban sources to Reuters News Agency, the group has committed not to allow any terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda and Daesh to use Afghanistan and organize attacks on other countries.
Taliban have agreed on an agreement’s draft with US, based on which the ground will be prepared to end war in Afghanistan, according to the agency.
After signing the agreement, the US forces will withdraw from Afghanistan within eighteen months.
Expressing optimism on peace efforts, a number of citizens say they are exhausted of war and want peace to be restored in the country.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.