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Taliban speak violence, bloodshed

Afghan Taliban fighters and villagers attend a gathering as they celebrate the peace deal signed between US and Taliban in Laghman Province, Alingar district on March 2, 2020. The agreement was signed in Doha, Qatar, by US Special Representative for Afghanistan Reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad -- the chief US negotiator in the talks with the Taliban -- and Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar -- the Taliban's chief negotiator. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo witnessed the signing. (Photo by Wali Sabawoon/NurPhoto via Getty Images) (Photo by Wali Sabawoon/NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Taliban’s recent violence and bloodshed campaign has already impacted the fate of peace and stability in the country. Taliban’s recent show of force has disappointed Afghan masses to a large extent. Afghanistan has been engulfed in a long and devastating conflict, which would be not ended, unless the Taliban are fully suppressed or pushed for a ceasefire.
The Taliban militaristic strategy and their concentration on victory through war has closed all ways leading to a peaceful solution to the ongoing bloodshed. Taliban have moved away from the peace process and sparing no effort to devastate the country and continue mass killings of innocent Afghan people.
Now there is no hope for the success of the peace process. The countries that insist on stopping of war and resumption of peace talks know it well that might not be possible. Emphasize on reduction of violence and resuming of peace negotiations without exerting essential pressure on Taliban has been changed to a boring and stereotype issue. Taliban have no believe on peaceful settlement of the issues.
Taliban actions in their occupied districts show that even a peace agreement with such group is totally a mistake and wrong approach towards a bright future. Taliban have returned more violent than before and have displayed a violent mood of governance and domination of the people. Destructions, massacre and vagabondage are consequences of Taliban war against the Afghan government. Taliban create fear and terror in areas under their influence, exercise restricted laws, make the voice of media silent, imprisoning girls and women in their homes and take people from their houses and executing them.
Taliban push Afghans for compulsory migration and sow the seed of corruption and enmity in Afghan society. Taliban’s aggressive and oppressive behavior is never acceptable to the people. The group’s violent dealing with people has closed possibility of every peace and compromise with this group.
A peace that the US administration made with Taliban is different from the peace the Afghan people want. The US signed a peace agreement with Taliban to pave the way for withdrawal of their troops from Afghanistan. The US might have benefitted from this agreement but it doesn’t mean that the Afghan people take advantage from every peace with Taliban.
The Americans and Europeans left this country and went home but the Afghan people are and will be living here. The Afghan people don’t want to submit to Taliban under the name of peace and tolerate their oppressive and hardline rules.
As per the present remarks, Taliban have changed negatively, i.e they became more violent than ever. They still do not believe on human rights, girls’ education and development of the country. Making peace with such a group, would not bring a safe and sound environment to the country, but would lead the country towards a dark era of backwardness and islamophobia.
Therefore, the regional and world countries should support the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, as the only legitimate system in the country, and suppress Taliban and their affiliates, for rejecting peace and intensification of war.
Taliban speaking violence and bloodshed. If no tangible steps taken in this regard, the flame of war and violence would reach the regional and even beyond the regional countries and Taliban would continue to host international militants, as they have been doing it, and would try to destabilize the world.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.