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Taliban should think about their crimes against humanity

By: Lailuma Noori

After Genghis attack on old Khurasan and British army’s attacks (Anglo – Afghan wars) in 19th century, current aggression of Pakistan’s servants ‘Taliban’ on Afghanistan has been considered as incomparable in the country’s history. It is in incomparable from the perspective of mass killings of military personnel and innocent civilians, destruction of public infrastructures. In our homeland, our innocent and oppressed countrymen are now under direct catastrophes and brutality of Taliban fighters.
The Taliban’s leadership should once think of crimes they are perpetrating in Afghanistan. Fighting, explosion, targeted-killings, destruction of public infrastructures, embezzlement of people’s properties and displacement of Afghan families have recently increased unprecedentedly. From one side, Taliban are chanting for Islam, while on the other hand, they’re killing and perpetrating crimes against humanity.
What is this all selfishness and stubbornness for? Innocent civilians have been displaced in combat areas and are currently living in deserts in open space without any shelters. By killing innocent civilians, men and all other crimes against humanity, Taliban used to get nothing, except hatred, resentment and enmity of the Afghan people. Taliban has clear enmity with freedom of expression, press and media, peace and friendship, art and culture, development and rebuilding, but why this all enmity with the people? Which law or religion has ordered them to kill innocent civilians?
Is there anybody to ask the Taliban why? Currently, thousands of Taliban fighters from Pakistan are fighting shoulder to shoulder with Afghan Taliban against Afghan defense and security forces and the people as thousands of terrorists have been deployed by the Taliban in the country’s north as Badakhshi families are forcefully displaced by Pakistani servants from their home areas to be provided to Daesh and other terrorist groups.
Despite increasing insecurities and surge in Taliban attacks, emergency state has not been declared so far. Afghanistan constitution has specified all tasks and responsibilities of the country’s President. If any deal is done against national interests of Afghanistan, emergency state should be declared and emergency Loya Jirga should be called based on 64th article of the country’s constitution.
According to article 64 in 8th paragraph of the country’s constitution, proclamation as well as termination of the state of emergency with the endorsement of the National Assembly is stressed.
Currently, an official complaint with the help of national consensus has been submitted to the United Nations for clear aggressions of Pakistan. In the complaint statement, the UN has been asked to help the people of Afghanistan defend their country.
The people of Afghanistan have repeatedly witnessed such shameful aggressions and invasions from the enemies of Afghan people, but they have overcome and defended each inch of their country. They have been always united against foreign invasion. The dignified people of Afghanistan will overcome the current phenomenon caused by Taliban aggressions and invasions.
It is time for the honorable and brave people of Afghanistan not to leave their sisters and brothers defending the country and fighting against Pakistani aggressors and invaders alone. It is time that the country’s defense and security forces should be fully supported as our strength is in our unity. Please be united against Pakistani aggressors and invaders.



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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.