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Taliban should start peace negotiations, US officials

The government of Afghanistan along with US officials are seriously making effort to restore peace in the country.
US Department of State’s Deputy on Central and South Asia,Alice Wells asks the Taliban to avail the opportunity and begin official peace talks with the government of Afghanistan.
No deadline has so far been specified to achieve peace with armed Taliban, but urgent steps are needed to be taken in the respect, she further said.
Almost two weeks ago, US department of state’s special representative, Zalmai Khalilzad during a meeting with Taliban representatives in Qatar hoped that a peace agreement to be achieved with the Taliban prior to the upcoming presidential elections.
Recently, during an exclusive interview in Belgium’s capital, Brussels, Ms. Wells said that there was no deadline, but an urgent action is felt to restore peace in Afghanistan.
But the question is that would the Taliban leadership be ready to accept peace suggestion or not?
Calling Afghans’ role key in peace negotiations, she said US would only play a facilitator role in this process.
Zalmai Khalilzad’s task is to hold meetings with all stakeholders to pave the ground for a process to gather all Afghans together, she added.
Thus, as the Taliban don’t legitimately recognize the government of Afghanistan, what do the US and international community would suggest to them?
‘Taliban have been imposed heavy casualties. There are many fighters among them who have been sick of war. In a country where war is going on, the ground would also be paved for other extremist groups such as Daesh, an action that no one would be benefited of it,’ she replied.
That is why we are using any opportunity for peace, she went on to say.
This year on June, Taliban showed willing to ceasefire as they have always said that they wanted peace.
Peace talks should be done by own Afghans and there is no alternative in this regard, Ms. Wells stressed.
In a part of his speech during Geneva conference, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani shared the peace new proposal and said that the government of Afghanistan has established a 12-member team to negotiate with the Taliban.
Peace suggestion to the Taliban is unconditional, but they have some conditions for peace, the president said.
He also stressed on observing Afghanistan’s constitution and women rights.
Regional and international support is needed to ensure peace in Afghanistan. Peace is the best option for Afghanistan and the government would welcome any step causes to decrease war.

Lailuma Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.