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Taliban lack popularity

A Taliban representative who was addressing media reporters during Moscow meeting for Afghanistan peace efforts on Friday, claimed that the group whom he represent it, dominates over 70 pc territory of Afghanistan. Therefore essential value should be attached to that group for determining the destiny and upcoming administration of the country.
Based on reports released by Afghanistan Institute of Strategic Studies (AISS) that reflected the result of a poll of AISS, 90 pc people of Afghanistan don’t accept Taliban system and are not agree with retaking of power by Taliban.
Which of these two claims should be accepted? Whether it is true that Taliban dominate 70 pc of Afghanistan territory? Whether the Afghan people accept Taliban regime or they agree with Taliban rule in Afghanistan?
Finding a suitable and convincing response to this question requires a profound and precise discussion which is beyond the patience of this article. In fact, Taliban and their similar groups do not enjoy the least popularity among people and absolute majority of Afghans called them terrorists and consider their actions illegal. Our religious Ulema also consider their actions illegal and against Islamic Sharia and contrary to rule of Islamic teachings.
The Ulema of over 50 Islamic countries in Jeddah meeting, Saudi Arabia which was organized with the invitation of OIC, called violence and war of these groups against the Afghan government and against Islamic Sharia and asked to give them up.
At present, Taliban and their partners occupied no city or province and out of 400 districts, a few number are under Taliban rule and the rest is under the rule of the government and Taliban and partners have established their influence on a number of rural districts and remote areas and setup their headquarters and command and control centers.
They organize their combat operations from these locations, attack targets and carry out terrorist activities, launch guerilla attacks on government centers and public utility installations, insecure highways and kill innocent people with rocket attacks, suicide operations and explosions.
Intentionally or undeliberatly, the Taliban claim popularity or legitimacy on behalf of people.
May be they don’t notice that at present the criteria of legitimacy and popularity have changed and what they believe based on theory of forceful domination as the base of legitimacy of systems lack customers and is unacceptable. The base of legitimacy at present is vote and support of citizens and people accept only a system which is established based on their vote. The people unanimously hate Taliban regime.
The Afghan people in no case are ready to victimize values including individual freedoms, freedom of expression and opinion, human rights, women rights, the right of civil and political partnership which have been accessible in the light of democracy. Taliban impose themselves with use of force on people and rule the people with power. The Taliban regime is regime of slavery. They consider people as their slaves. Their leaders decide instead of people and people have to accept their decisions unquestionably. This is unacceptable to Pan Afghan people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.