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Taliban has no tendency to solve dispute through talks

By: Suraya Raiszada

Although peace efforts are underway in national and international level, Taliban has intensified their attacks on the people of Afghanistan and it seems the group has no tendency to resolve the current dispute through peace talks. Terrorist groups operating under the umbrella of Taliban have common interests with the group and it undoubtedly affected on decision of the group’s leading body. If the Taliban enters the peace talks and joins the power system, interests of the network will be cut and cannot live for long period of time.
Last week, a number of members of negotiating team of Afghanistan government arrived in Doha for possible resumption of peace talks with the Taliban group. What we understand from recent remarks of government officials, political leaders and international reports is that Taliban leaders do not believe in peace and show no tendency to peace talks with Afghanistan government.
Afghanistan government officials such as the country’s national security advisor Hamdullah Mohib have repeatedly noted that Taliban did not think of peace. The country’s political leaders such as Mohammad Muhaqiq, Mohammad Younus Qanooni and some others have had similar remarks in this regard.
Meanwhile, Chairman of Afghanistan High Council for National Reconciliation Dr. Abdullah Abdullah in his most recent remarks has said that they were on a place where they had been before the start of peace talks.
Dr. Abdullah had previously said that leaders of the Taliban group did not believe in peace but in militarily solution of the dispute.
Meanwhile, recent UN report has noted that Mullah Yaqoub, responsible for military commission of the Taliban group and Haqqani Network as operation arm of the group in targeted killings and organized suicide attacks do not believe in peace, stressing that they want to find military solution for the country’s current dispute.
In the UN report, it has been also stressed that Taliban group has kept its close relations with al Qaeda network and it does not seem the relations end soon in future. In its report, the United Nations has been doubtful of the death of Ayman al Zawahiri, saying that it cannot approve it. The UN report has also said that between 8,000– 10,000 foreign fighters are fighting along the Taliban side for the group in Afghanistan.
The US – Taliban deal in Doha has given legitimacy to the Taliban group. On the other hand, full US and NATO troop withdrawal from Afghanistan has somehow convinced the Taliban group to think of militarily solution of the dispute. But, the main factor that has discouraged the Taliban not to think of peace is the presence of international terrorist networks among the Taliban group.
Currently, Taliban has intensified widespread attacks on most of the country’s provinces such as Kandahar, Ghazni, Nimroz, Helmand, Baghlan, Laghman, Kunduz, Maidan Wardak and Nangarhar where a number of public infrastructures have been harmed and destroyed by the Taliban fighters. As a result their continued attacks on the respective provinces, hundreds of families have been displaced from their home areas, while a large number of civilian been killed and wounded in their attacks.




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