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Taliban commits national betrayal to transfer military equipment to Pakistan, experts

By: Suraya Raiszada

KABUL: Recently, the Ministry of Interior announced that it had proved and evidences that the Taliban group was trying to transfer weapons and equipment of government forces to Pakistan.
The act of the militants faced harsh reaction from the Afghans countrywide. Military experts, civil society activists and the Afghan citizens consider this act of the Taliban as a crime against humanity and a national betrayal and condemn it in the strongest possible terms.
They also say that the Taliban by transferring weapons and equipment of government forces, have acted contrary to Afghan values and at the behest of their foreign lords plundered the country’s resources.
Ali Rahmani, a military expert, strongly condemning the transfer of weapons and equipment by the Taliban to Pakistan said: “Unfortunately, Pakistan has always interfered in Afghanistan’s internal affairs by supporting the Taliban and other anti-government militants.” Meanwhile, Acting Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal said the Taliban were trying to smuggle the government weapons into Pakistan and that there is also information that the Taliban are transferring a number of military tanks to Pakistan via Zabul.”
So, the National Security Council and the Supreme Command of the Armed Forces have ordered the launch of a permanent air patrol to target any tank transported to Pakistan, said the acting minister of Interior.
“The equipment belonging to the security forces has been transferred to other side of the Durand Line,” said Shamim Khan Katawazi, head of the Independent Directorate for Local Government adding they have pictures and evidence that Pakistani soldiers have taken pictures with smuggled equipment.
Fighting continues between government forces and the Taliban in Paktia, where Government forces managed to retake control of Mirzakah district.
Local officials in Paktia say they have detained Pakistani militants fighting alongside the Taliban in the province during the retaking operation of the district. Local Paktia officials say Taliban have set fire many security checkpoints and destroyed road as well as destroying government facilities and this is their clear message to the people.
This came as the Pakistani interior minister recently said that the Taliban dead bodies and wounded were being rushed to Pakistan and were being treated at Pakistani medical facilities. Dr. Hamdullah Moheb, advisor to the National Security Council said about the remarks of the Pakistani Interior Minister that the Pakistani Interior Minister praises Pakistan for revealing Islamabad’s support for the Taliban and added that more brave Pakistanis needed to speak out against Pakistan’s invasion of Afghanistan. However, a number of social media users say the transfer of government equipment by the Taliban to Pakistan shows that Pakistan supports terrorist groups.
Navid Elham, another Afghan expert, believes that by doing so, the Taliban have shown that they do not have the capacity to govern, strive for self-sufficiency and reconstruction.
“There is information that the group intends to take this equipment to Pakistan through Zabul and the government should take serious action in this regard,” he said.
The interior ministry said while the Taliban have been taking equipment to Pakistan, a number of insurgents detained on the battlefield had been mostly Pakistani nationals.
The Afghan government has always tried to maintain good relations with Pakistan on the basis of good neighborliness and diplomacy, but unfortunately the neighboring country’s politicians have never been honest with Afghanistan.
At the same time by the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, they are destroying their military bases in Afghanistan and transferring their equipment to Pakistan, which was accompanied by reactions from the Afghan government, the House of People and the Afghan citizens.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.