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Taliban cannot win through violence, bloodshed

The US special representative for Afghanistan reconciliation Zalmay Khalilzad who was leading an inter-agency US delegation, arrived on Sunday in Kabul and met with a number of politicians, including the Afghan president, chairman of the high council for national reconciliation and the Minister of Foreign Affairs.
Subsequently, for the second time the delegation met President Ghani, vice presidents and a number of cabinet members, discussing the new chapter of cooperation between Afghanistan and the US as well as continuation of political, economic, diplomatic and security relations.
Calling unacceptable reaching of Taliban to power through forceful way, the delegation asked both sides particularly, Taliban to shun violence and seek a peaceful approach to the ongoing bloodshed in the war-torn country as well as end the suffering of the Afghan masses.
The US delegation emphasized that they are committed in war on terror, supporting of Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) and economic aids to Afghanistan in different sectors, including that of the human rights protection.
The delegation’s meeting comes at a time that violence in Afghanistan has reached its peak and negatively affecting the country’s economic developments and even has disturbed electricity of the capital city, with unknown group blowing the power pylons.
While according to agreement between NATO-Washington-Kabul, the US and allies are obliged to act to their commitments and no longer supervise the situation. They are needed to find ways to curb the situation and further support the Afghan forces in war on terror so that to contain the ongoing bloodshed.
Although the ANDSF have the capability to safeguard sovereignty and protect the system, but according to an agreement reached between US and Taliban, silence of the US on intensification of violence by Taliban and killing of the innocent people are questionable.
Although continuation of war and violence in recent years showed that Taliban can’t reach power through military pressure and by force in Afghanistan, but the raising militancy has further concerned the Afghan masses and displaced thousands of the families in rural areas.
Continuation of this situation would probably delay timetable of foreign troops withdrawal from Afghanistan or would bring change in their approaches towards war in Afghanistan. Indeed, foreign troops would leave Afghanistan one day and our people should know that no country can shoulder their responsibility forever and they need to stand on their own feet.
Indeed, such day has arrived, so the Afghan people should use the new chapter of cooperation with the international community and change the current war scenario to an occasion for economic development, peace and prosperity of the war-torn country.
Therefore, the terrorist groups particularly those who intend to implement strategic goals of external countries in Afghanistan with deteriorating situation, should know that our people are today at a stage that analyze situation, distinguish friend and foe better than every time and would not remain silent against injustice and oppressions of alien’s agents.
They expect the Republication system to prevent advance of terror groups, because continuation of this situation and its underestimating would result in dangerous consequences and certainly, the Afghan people would pay the price.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.