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Taliban cannot win militarily

By: Lailuma Noori

Taliban fighters have recently intensified violence and launched large-scale attacks on different parts of the country. Capturing a number of trade ports and highways and besieging a number of provincial cities shows the Taliban group’s resolute decision for capturing the whole country through war and violence. However, one of their feet is behind the negotiating table in Doha.
Taliban has posed threats Afghanistan neighbors in common borders and left not only the neighboring countries but the whole region in a mess by capturing trade ports of the country. The country’s continued violence will cause losing big economic opportunities in the region.
During the past two months, Taliban fighters have destroyed public infrastructures, jungles and agricultural fields, public buildings and highways after capturing dozens of districts. Their large-scale attacks have forced thousands of Afghan families to leave their home areas. Recent internally displaced families are facing with lots of problems.
The big part of today’s violence by Taliban is led by Pakistan’s ISI, meaning that war policy is planned by Pakistani militaries but implemented by Taliban fighters in Afghanistan.
It is now time for collection agricultural products in Afghanistan, but increasing violence and continued attacks on districts and cities of Afghanistan by Taliban fighters will definitely destroy Afghan farmers’ crops. Destruction of public infrastructures will bring the biggest loss to local infrastructures and economy of the people.
Taliban’s this style of destruction and violence is called as war crime; therefore, the perpetrators of such destructions should be questioned and submitted to international courts. In Islamic Sharia and laws, destruction of public infrastructures and creating fear among the people is a crime as the Prophet of Islam has stressed that Islamic ethics and rules should be observed in fighting, while Taliban fighters observe and respect no principle and laws.
Despite the fact that Taliban believes that Afghanistan dispute has no military solution, the group shows no interest in entering comprehensive talks with Afghanistan government to end the ongoing war in the country.
The group has not delivered any clear plan or mechanism for political settlement of the country’s dispute, which has caused that the group preferers to go militarily rather than resolve the dispute through talks.
Taliban has no political and economic programs for Afghanistan future. The group should perceive and know that no Afghans will benefit from the ongoing war and destruction of public infrastructures except the enemies of Afghanistan.
On the other hand, Afghan National Defense and Security Forces will seriously respond to Taliban’s attacks and violence in the country. The country’s defense and security forces are preparing to free the fallen districts from the presence of Taliban fighters.
In recent weeks, Taliban fighters have sustained heavy casualties in different parts of the country as acting minister of defense Gen. Bismiullah Mohammadi said that Taliban has received heavy casualties as a result of ground military operation and air strikes conducted by Afghan air force. Mohammadi said that the people of Afghanistan would never forget bravery and boldness of the country’s defense and security forces.
It is worth mentioning that Afghan National Defense and Security Forces have repelled Taliban’s continued large-scale attacks on Ghazni, Qala-e-Naw, Kunduz, Pul-e-Khumri, Taluqan and Farah, where Taliban fighters have sustained heavy casualties.



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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.