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Taliban cannot impede development, investments in Afghanistan

In an intra-Afghan dialogue in Qatari capital of Doha, the Taliban has time and again said they would seek to reduce violence and civilian casualties, but their indiscriminate attacks across the country inflicted heavy casualties on civilians, including women and children.
On the surface, commitment to decreasing civilian casualties seemed a great achievement in the intra-Afghan dialogue, but the Taliban could not fulfill their promise and targeted civilians. This issue filled the public air with mistrust and disappointment.
Despite expressing their will for peace in the country, the militant group spare no efforts to target civilians, public and holy places as well as the public utilities. Taliban have warned polio vaccinators, telecom companies, international welfare agencies to give up support and stop their services for Afghans across the country.
Since challenging the works of vaccinators, increasing number of polio cases have been registered in east and southern provinces of the country. Although there is zero cases of polio in other countries, Afghanistan still suffering from the virus and Taliban threatening the medical staffs to avoid helping the rural villages to fight the disease.
Besides, Taliban has time and again threatened the telecom companies to stop their services in most of the provinces. Their main goal is to disturb the peaceful life of the people and to prevent their access to essential facilities.
In a fresh incident, Taliban militants on Monday warned in a statement that they would target Salaam Telecom, a state-run telephone company. In the statement, the insurgent group said Salaam Telecom continued to violate Taliban’s orders despite multiple warnings.
In future, the telecom company’s antennas and centers would be a military target for Taliban, fiber optic cables would be cut off and personnel and equipment would be treated as intelligence agents, the militants said.
On the other hand, acting telecommunication and information technology minister, said Taliban’s threats could not stop their activities. Fahim Hashemi, also a member of the management team of Salaam Telecom, said that the company would continue its services.
Taliban would achieve nothing with targeting the public facilities in the country. The people has already start to hate them, as they have only destructive role and deliberately targeting the civilians and public projects. Their acts of assassinating engineers, doctors, journalists, people’s representatives and local workers of the welfare projects clearly showing that they don’t have any interest in development and peace and stability of the country.
All terrorist groups, mainly the Taliban, ISIS, and al-Qaeda are operating under the mask of religion and exploit religious orientation and racial tendency of the public in Islamic countries in general and in Afghanistan in particular.
They martyred thousands of people and destroyed the country and justified their ugly acts and sinister faces under a sacred term, which has been highly dangerous. The destructive role and horrible consequences of ethnocentrism and racial and religious discrimination are widely felt in Afghanistan. Therefore, Afghans have to be cautious not to further fall for the bogus claim of radical groups or for their personal sentiment and prevent their destructive activities. We need to ignore their threats and let them know that they cannot stop our progress and Afghanistan’s development.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.