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Taliban being used as tool for Afghanistan destruction

Taliban’s war and violence against the Afghan people and government is neither Jihad nor an effort for lasting peace in the country. The group’s war is not a Jihad because they fight against an Islamic State, which has Islamic law, rule and follows Islamic teachings and Sharia. Meanwhile the constitution of Afghanistan is based on religious teachings and human rights.
Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) personnel officers are all Muslims. The civilians who are killed in Taliban attacks are Muslims. Religious scholars of majority of Islamic countries and organizations have called Taliban war Haram, illegitimate and denounced the killing of Muslims in the country. They even have called the Afghanistan war as genocide of the Muslims.
In recent two years, Islamic scholars of Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Lebanon, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia and some other countries have called Taliban war illegal and fratricide. Even Imam of Kaaba and Mufti-ul-Al-Azhar have issued fatwas against their war and called it illegitimate.
Majority of scholars of Islamic world have agreed and consensuses have been made that the Afghan war was not Jihad and is Haram and illegitimate according to them. Therefore, Taliban cannot call their violence acts as Jihad. On the other hand, contrary to statements of Taliban leaders, the group sparing no effort to destabilize the country and take the power by force. Taliban know well that world doesn’t support their return.
The UNSC has frankly announced that reestablishment of Taliban Emirate is unacceptable. Two months ago in a joint meeting and a statement the US, Russia, China and Pakistan declared that they would not support return of Taliban Islamic Emirate.
The neighboring countries of Afghanistan including Islamic republic of Iran and the central Asian republics have also clarified their stance and said that Taliban could be part of future system of Afghanistan not the whole system.
The Taliban leaders clearly know that they can never re-establish their favorite rule in Afghanistan and take the whole power. Recent escalation of violence by Taliban in certain provinces show frankly that Taliban are not fighting to bring peace, but to take the absolute power. Whenever Taliban militants occupy certain districts and bases, they destroy government buildings, eliminate public utility installations, or blow up ANDSF bases.
Taliban’s military strategy clearly shows that the group doesn’t believe on peaceful settlement of the issues, and even doesn’t believe on a strong and independent Afghanistan, because taking over the power, requires installations and infrastructures that without them governance is difficult and even impossible, while Taliban annihilating instead to protect them.
Now a key question raises here that why Taliban are fighting? And what is the continuation reason of their war and intensification of violence? As per the above-mentioned details, the answer is clear that they no longer believe on peace and fighting on behalf of certain intelligence agencies.
Taliban are not independent but are a proxy group and mercenary of aliens and implementing the orders of the certain spying agencies. Taliban have close ties with almost all secret agencies of the region. Doha peace process and visit of the Taliban leaders to different countries showed that to whom they are affiliated, from where they receive order and on behalf of whom they are fighting?
Taliban are fighting to meet short and long-term objectives of external countries. They are killing innocent Afghan people, devastate economic infrastructures and public utility installations. Current war in Afghanistan would only be concluded when Taliban get rid of control of external secret services.
Taliban would only submit to peace that their leaders take determination by own and don’t allow the certain spy services and spiteful circles of the region to use them as tool against their people and homeland and achieve their nasty and illegitimate goals. Until Taliban don’t think about Afghan people and their national interest, instead of implementation of aliens’ plans, war, violence and miseries of the Afghan people will continue.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.