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Taliban attacks in Badakhshan province repelled: officials

KABUL: Taliban group attacks were pushed back in six districts of Badakhshan province on Sunday night, local officials said Monday. Nick Mohammad Nazari, spokesman for the governor of Badakhshan, said that on Sunday night, the Taliban, in collaboration with foreign insurgents, carried out offensive attacks in parts of Yaftal-e-Payan, Darayim, Khash, Jurm, Warduj and Raghistan districts.

He did not however give the nationalities of the foreign insurgents. But he said based on initial reports more than 10 insurgents were killed and wounded in the attacks. He said there were no casualties among Afghan security forces in the province.

So far the Taliban has not commented. This comes after the Taliban accelerated attacks in parts of the country in the past week. Currently a number of battles are underway in different parts of the country, and both sides have sustained heavy casualties.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.