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Taking measures, learning from history prerequisites for building Afghanistan

The Omid Plastic Making Factory in Kabul manufactures plastic bags. Even though the industrial park where it's located was supposed to guarantee full power, the factory often relies on a generator. "There is no industrial power for us. We are using the same power as normal people," says factory manager Abdul Qadida Sozai.

When Ahmad Shah Baba founded modern Afghanistan, it emerged as a strong and competitive country with an organized army, structured civil society organizations and other facilities. Given its appropriate and proper condition, our country placed itself among the then-empires, stretching its territory until Delhi, Esfahan and Bukhara. After Ahmad Shah Baba passed away, Afghanistan was left behind the caravan of progress and development due to some challenges that existed among the then-political leaders. The reason for such weak nesses was attributed to the lack of coordination among the leaders, indulgence in luxury, lack of belief in the usefulness of modern facilities and tools, and the Industrial Revolution. Later, during the era of Amir Shir Ali Khan, Afghanistan possessed gunpowder production factories, weapons, armaments, cannons and other military facilities. At that time, Afghans played a significant role in the construction of the Australian Telegraph line and the railway. However, inside our country, the nation and the government overlooked Sayed Jamaludin Afghan’s plans and agendas. Therefore, Afghanistan failed to become a powerful country at the global level. There are plenty of sources, including books and articles, to explore and investigate this reality. To summarize, Afghanistan has not been adequately led and ruled throughout history, and a government hasn’t existed to prepare the country for competition with the world by observing religious, cultural and historical values. Now, with the re-emergence of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, there are some signals and indicators that, using such golden opportunities, our country will be liberated from the needs of the world and literally compete with the world. We hope that the soldiers in our country will no longer use abroad-made rifles and weapons, our compatriots won’t stand in a queue to receive humanitarian assistance, our youth won’t prioritize pursuing education in other countries’ universities, and finally, Afghans should no longer be the servant of Arabs, Iranians, Europeans and other nations. Eventually, we believe that our dreams will come true if we get united and prefer the national interest over individual, tribal, and racial issues. Mohammad Nabi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.