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System with past corrupt individuals’ share not inclusive government

Reports said that Moscow was expected to host a meeting on Afghanistan in the near future.
The meeting has been said to be attended by senior regional security officials who, according to a Russian diplomat, would discuss the situation in Afghanistan.
According to a report from the Moscow-based media, citing Russian diplomat Zamir Kabulov, security officials from Central Asia, Pakistan, India and China will attend the meeting expected to be held in Moscow next week.
Russian media also said the Iran National Security Advisor will also attend the meeting, next week.
In the meantime, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA), Zabihullah Mujahid, said that the participants are expected to discuss the recognition of the current incumbent government.
The IEA spokesman also called on Moscow to invite a representative of Afghanistan’s current government, as undeniably, no tangible results in the discussion would give without the Islamic Emirate’s representative participation.
The spokesman’s call for the participation of the IEA representative comes as the meeting was unclear to invite a representative from the Islamic system.
The inclusion of the IEA representative, as Mujahid said, is a must ‘to defend the IEA position while discussing the situation in the country.’
This is a fact that no meeting would be helpful unless a representative of the Islamic Emirate was invited to attend, as many such regional and international meetings and conferences have been held on Afghanistan but went in vain as there was no one to represents Afghanistan.
Also, this is clear that Russia is not in favor of insecurity and civil war in Afghanistan, and it has time and again said that it wanted a secure and peaceful Afghanistan, a willing that the new Islamic system is committed for, besides vowing to not interfere in other countries affairs and not allowing others to interfere in its internal affairs.
Convincing the participant countries to develop engagement to get closer to recognition of the IEA, should be one of the key issues to discuss in the meeting, as the IEA has met all conditions to become a legal system.
Countrywide security, fighting corruption and drugs and restoring a nationally accepted system are among the standards help a system be recognized internally.
Any plan by the neighboring countries to persist on inclusive government with share from the past regime’s corrupt individuals would pave the way for the return of widespread corruption, nepotism and the worst of it the return of warmongers to the country.
No legal and nationally accepted system would be possible to build in share with the past warmongers and corrupt individuals. So, all countries with plans on Afghanistan, should consider mutual interests, besides taking in minds security of either sides and do their best to work together to fight any kinds of militancy and insecurity along the two sides’ borders.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.