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Syria under Iran and Qatar’s gas flames

To further discover the truth about this, let’s go for another topic, which is about Russia, the largest producer and exporter of gas in the world, and Europe is the largest buyer of this natural gas. Russia exports 70 percent of the produced gas to Europe, which is a constant source of income for the country. Russians are still using the gas as a political tool to exert pressure on the Europeans. The Europeans want to get rid of the pressure of the Russians and the United States also wants to close the revenue door to its rival, that’s why they turned to gas sources in Qatar and Azerbaijan. The fact is that Europe’s gas needs cannot be met by exporting the gas from other countries by ships, so it is necessary that this quantity of gas must reach its destination by pipeline; therefore, the idea of Qatar’s gas pipeline has come from this. There had been a big obstacle towards the implementation of this plan and that was Bashar al-Assad’s ruling regime in Syria. In 2009, the Syrian government announced that it would not go under the burden of the Qatar gas pipeline. The country opposed the plan as it was an old friend of Russia. On the other hand, Syria said it wanted to extend the Islamic gas pipeline with the help of Iran and Iraq with the agreement of the Russians. Syrian President Bashar alAssad believed that the Islamic pipeline was important not only for Syria and Iran but for the future of the entire region and West Asia. The pipeline would transport Iranian gas to the Mediterranean through Iraq and Syria and its purpose was supposed to supply gas to the south and southwest of Arpa. In addition to Syria and Iran, the Islamic pipeline project would also have a good income for the Iraqis; therefore, Iran, Iraq and Syria were emphasizing on the implementation of the pipeline in the region. Now the problem was doubled: on one side, it was not possible to transport Qatar’s gas via Syria. On the other hand, the Iranians wanted to open a corridor for its gas in the European market. During this time, the U.S. side decided to somehow change the Syrian government. The U.S. believed that with the Syrian government changed, the problem of gas transfer of Qatar would be solved. U.S. President Obama contacted Bashar al-Assad and asked him to resign. Arming the Syrian government’s opposition & ISIS: The WikiLeaks documents about Syria reveal that after the warning of U.S. President to Assad in 2009, Israeli, Saudi, and U.S. intelligence agencies began arming the opposition of the Syrian government. It was two years before the protests started in Syria. WikiLeaks also disclosed another document stating that in early 2014, an email was sent by Mrs. Clinton to her campaign manager. In the email, it was stated that ISIS was funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and there was evidence that the group was also funded by the Clinton Foundation. Former U.S. President Donald Trump has once accused Obama and Clinton of founding ISIS. “Obama is the founder of ISIS and his partner in founding the group was Hillary Clinton,” Trump had said during his electoral campaign in the U.S. The former Prime Minister of Qatar, Hamad bin Jassim, was once asked by a U.S. journalist that how much money Qatar has spent on Islamic groups in Syria. Jassim said that when fighting or a revolution started in Syria, all countries including the U.S. made mistakes as all started operations and were somehow involved in the catastrophe. The operations were started through two rooms, one room was in Turkiye and the other was in Jordan. The allies supported the opposition of the Syrian government and with the passage of time, Turkey also took part in war against the Syrian regime. It should also be remembered that in the plan for the extension of the gas pipeline of Qatar, the Turks, and the Saudis were considered to have made a significant contribution for the extension of the pipeline. The more story of the tragedy of Syria is explored or discovered, the more one can find the tragedy behind of which is the extension of the gas pipeline of Qatar and Iran. Of course, the U.S. has been behind the secret plans of all tragedies in the region. Muhibullah Mayar

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