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Survey on TAPI pipeline project completes in five provinces

The government of Afghanistan says survey on TAPI pipeline project completed in five provinces and the project’s construction process is expected to be started this year.
A year after inauguration of TAPI project’s practical work, the government says that surveys on technical, mine, environment, lands expropriation and social sections have been completed.
Acting minister of commerce and industry and senior presidential advisor on financial and banking affairs Ajmal Ahmadi during a joint news conference with deputy minister of mines and petroleum, heads of TAPI company and environment administration assured of progress and beginning of the project’s construction process in this year.
The project’s practical work has begun, all teams have completed survey in five provinces, we are collecting the information and would complete the agreements, the procurement process needs time, because, we have to talk with international banks, thus, we hope all procedures to be completed and the construction process to begin this year, Ahmadi added. The project’s price has decreased from $15 billion to five billion, besides, Italian, Germany and Turkey companies have chosen for its construction process, he went on to say. TAPI pipeline project is among the key economic projects that transfers Turkmenistan’s gas through Afghanistan and Pakistan and finally reaches to India.
During the conference, head of TAPI pipeline company Mohammad Murad Amanov while speaking about economic importance of this project said the project was supported by four countries. He added the signing stage of project’s contracts is still continuing.
Head of national administration of environment protection Shah Zaman Maiwandi after reviewing the TAPI pipeline company’s report given the environmental licence to the company’s head and stressed that he will supervise the project.
At the same time, the economic experts say that beginning of the project is good news to the people of Afghanistan through which the ground would also be paved for employment to thousands of unemployed people. It is merit to mention that the project has the capacity to transfer 33 bln cubic meters gas to Pakistan and India each year through which Afghanistan would earn $400 mln transit tax. During inauguration of the project, the president stressed that besides power and gas, the project would pave the way for employment of thousands of people.
Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.