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Sure security reason for growing tourists’ visits to Afghanistan

Compared to the past periods, Afghanistan has better and nationwide security, and the natural landscapes and attractions of the country have drawn the attention of more foreign and domestic tourists. This year, Afghans and foreign tourists took advantage of sure security, safe environment and the establishment of stability and peace, and enjoyed observing the natural beauty and suitable weather of the country. According to some media reports, Bamyan, Panjshir, Kunar, Paktia, Kandahar, Nangarhar, Badakhshan, Herat, Balkh, Samangan, Ghazni and other provinces of the country have witnessed a large number of foreign and domestic tourists, and people enjoy the peaceful and suitable atmosphere. Undoubtedly, security and peace are one of the great blessings of Allah, a nation that does not have security and prosperity, they do not enjoy any blessings of the world and live a bitter and dark life. For more than 4 decades, the war-affected nation of Afghanistan suffered from the long war, murder, oppression, bloodshed and destruction by foreigners’ invasion in the country, and for years they struggled against poverty and misery. But with the victory of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, and scarifies and martyrdom of the Mujahidin, freedom and peace were restored in the country and the nation was saved from the black clutches of war, destruction and oppression. We are fully confident that with each passing day, the situation of the country will improve and people will be encouraged to live and settle in the country, and in addition, they will enjoy the natural scenery and weather of the country with peace of mind. The growing visit of tourists to the country is a better source of income for the country on one hand and on the other hand, it also shows the national security and stability in Afghanistan, which should be valued and proud. We hope that the suffering nation of Afghanistan, should be thankful for the great blessing, pay all their attention to preserving Islamic and national values, and make continuous and comprehensive efforts to protect the peace, stability, and prosperity in the country. We pray for a prosperous, peaceful Afghanistan free from poverty.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.