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Sure security leads to sustainable development and rebuilding

With the Islamic Emirate takeover, the overall security situation has improved across Afghanistan. The current better security situation has provided ground for rebuilding and sustainable development in the country. In such a secure and peaceful environment, the country can be led to progress, and it is now the responsibility of all to work and serve the country with full sincerity. Countries that have reached the highest peak of progress have been able to first ensure security and peace in their lands. They then continued to provide ground for the development and progress of their country. But those countries that have not enjoyed security and peace are all deprived of the blessing of progress and have gone through many problems and are still struggling with strange problems and challenges. It should also be known that the arrogant powers of the world are somehow involved in creating insecurity and disrupting the security of most countries. They do ignite the fire of war and violence in other countries. In Afghanistan, the aggressive and arrogant powers have continuously tried to dismantle peace and security from the people and drag the country into strange crises, so that they can implement their vicious goals in this land. From the aggression of Britain, Russia, and the United States to the implementation of the communist government, igniting the fire of war among different parties and others were all the vicious goals of the world powers as they were able to involve Afghanistan in 40- years of imposed wars, and led the country to increasing poverty and humanitarian crisis. But only the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) has been able to stand up to the multitude of crises and by defeating the invaders has established the Islamic system and ensured peace and security across Afghanistan. The current legitimate and Islamic system has also made all possible efforts for the development and prosperity of Afghanistan. By embracing peace and fostering a culture of harmony and cooperation, we can achieve numerous benefits that positively impact the well-being of individuals, strengthen relationships between people, promote economic growth, and safeguard the environment. Dear countrymen! As peace and security can bring prosperity and lead the country to sustainable development, we all should make continued efforts to support the government to further work for maintaining security in the country because insecurity and conflicts lead to human suffering in terms of loss of lives, displacement and increased levels of poverty. We should all give hands to each other and support the current system so that we can build a brighter and more su

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.