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Supporting higher education centers help Afghanistan reach self-sufficiency

Acting minister of
higher education
Mawlavi Nida Mohammad Nadim in his most recent remarks has said that the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) is not against education, stressing that strengthening of modern studies or sciences is necessary for the country’s self-sufficiency and development.
“If we want to have an independent country, we should reach to sufficiency in sciences and higher education and the Islamic Emirate is committed to providing ground for modern studies or learning sciences in the country,” Nadim said.
Previously, head of national exams authority Mawlavi Abdul Baqi Haqqani had said that the Islamic Emirate would provide proper opportunities to Afghan youth to get higher education as strengthening and supporting the higher education institutions would help the country reach self-sufficiency.
“Afghanistan can reach self-sufficiency when education and higher education facilities are supported and strengthened. Besides, proper opportunities are provided for Afghan youth to follow their higher education,” Haqqani added.
The Islamic Emirate has always said that it is committed to social and economic participation of women in the society and recent decisions are not permanent, but women will be given the right to work and study once a safe environment of work and learning is provided for women in the country.
In the modern age, all know better the importance of learning science as it’s science that has done a great service to human beings. Man, a national being, has observed problems of the environment and this led to many discoveries in different parts of the world. Science is the study of the environment. It includes the study of animals, chemicals, force, earth, plants, etc., Importance of biology cannot be overlooked over other fields of science.
Science is the pursuit and application of knowledge consequences, observations and understanding of the natural and social world following a systematic methodology based on evidence. Science plays a vital role in man’s life. The applications of Science are noticed right from the time a person starts his day till he goes to sleep. We use many machines in our daily life which work from the simple logic of science.
Scientific inventions like computers, satellites, x-rays, radium, plastic surgery, cell phones, electricity, the internet, photography, etc., have proved to be very useful. It is because of science that we are able to cope better with illnesses today. This has made our lives easier and increased our lifespan. This has been possible due to the hard and continuous inventions and the theories of scientists.
We use many forms of transportation like cars, buses, trucks, etc., to travel from one place to another, which are based on scientific inventions. There is no sphere of life where science has not helped us. Almost every day, either new inventions are being reported, or existing ones are being improved upon. We can say that science has made our work faster, safer, and even more effective and efficient.
To summarize, the civilizations of the world have progressed to a higher rank due to the benefits of science. Science has contributed in endless ways to make our daily life comfortable and easy. Today’s world knows about the importance of Green Chemistry, and the importance of Geology. We do not have to stay in darkness at the night. This has been possible as a result of the invention of bulbs and electricity. Saida Ahmadi

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