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Supporting ANDSF; national, social responsibility

Feb 28 coincides with security forces day and in their conversations with The Kabul Times reporter, talking on support of security forces a number of youth expressed their opinions on this occasion as following.
Chief of Learning Safety branch at the MoIC Deputy Minister’s Office for youth, Hejrat Sadat said, those youth who have joined ranks of security and defence forces and have made their breast a shield against the most dangerous and notorious enemy of mankind and the Afghan people, the mercenary terrorists, are all soldiers of this brave nation and territory and the people consider them as their biggest pride and ornament and theirfore they should be respected by every Afghan both male and female, young or old and celebrate their auspicious day gloriously and appreciate their devotions and sacrifices and encourage them to fight more decisively and bravely in the battlefields and trenches against enemies of motherland.

He added, no doubt support of ANDSF encourage them to act further sincerely and bravely. We should always appreciate these real defenders of our homeland.
Marwa another youth who has just been graduated from university is enthusiast to join the rank of security forces, adding, ANDSF are national pride of our people who play vital role in restoration of our people security and without their sacrifices, no progress would be achieved.
She added, we should not only celebrate them alone on Feb 28 but regularly should support and encourage them. “I would like to request the government to take further steps for their equipping and offer sympathy with ANSF martyrs’ families.”
Fawad a vendor on a sidewalk of capital, Kabul said, if our security forces don’t provide our security, we may not be able to do our business in the city. They have made their breast a shield in trenches so we would live in peace with our families. All people are responsible to support and cooperate ANSF.
Masouda Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.