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Suicide vests claim scores of lives in Ghazni, as militants gather for good-bye, report

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: 8 Subh – a Kabul based valid private daily has recently reported that up to 15 militants affiliated with the Taliban group have recently died of three consecutive deadly blasts happened, when a suicide bomber’s explosive packed vest went on, in Ghazni province.
Although, the bombers didn’t want to blow his improvised explosives, but, it accidently went off killing and wounding scores at the spot, during a brief farewell, when a group of the militants gathered around him, saying goodbye.
Huge number of innocent people have been killed and hundreds others wounded, following unbiased Taliban insurgents suicide and explosive attacks in various parts of the country.
The provincial governor press office confirmed the blasts and said the deadly incident has taken place in the Mosa Kalim village, a vicinity of the Nawa district, few kilometers to the provincial capital city.
“Three militants with heavily body staffed explosive devices, were on a good-bye with their scores of colleagues, when the deadly incident happened taking life 15 including the three allegedly bombers,” said the provincial governor office in a statement quoted by the private 8 Subh newspaper.
According to the source, the bombers were supposed to be sent for suicide attacks in the provincial capital Ghazni.
The paper further added that 20 Taliban militants have also been killed in some vicinities of the province, when the country’s security and defense forces launched air and ground operation on the militants hideouts and bases.
Mullah Zaker, responsible for the Taliban intelligence office has also been reported to be among the dead, the source continued.
Ghazni, in the country’s east, is a restive province, where huge number of civilians were killed or wounded, during war, violence and crossfire, mostly from militants who are launching indiscriminate attacks on the people.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.