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Successful electoral process crucial for intra-Afghan talks

After nearly three months of political uncertainty, technical issues and allegations of fraud from various candidates, the Independent Election Commission (IEC) announced the initial result of the September 28 poll during a press conference on Sunday.
According to the IEC, incumbent President Ghani came first with 50.64 percent of the vote, followed by the country’s Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, who polled second with 39.52 percent.
But some candidates, including Dr. Abdullah’s team filed an appeal, accusing the election commission had sided with those who committed ballot fraud. Meanwhile, the UN political agency in Kabul welcomed the initial results announcement and urged the Independent Election Commission to deal “transparently and thoroughly” with any complaints from all 13 candidates. The United States also said the announcement “is preliminary, and Afghanistan’s Electoral Complaints Commission will need to adjudicate any complaints filed by the candidates.”
Afghansitan has been passing the most crucial time, as the US and Taliban negotiating over restoration of peace in the war-torn country, and electoral disputes have further worsened the ongoing socio-economic and political life and people do live in uncertainty.
It is the time that the Electoral Complaint Commission (ECC) transparently and independently investigate the fraud allegations and restore public trust over the commissions’ works. Meanwhile, the major political and non-political actors in the country need to overcome their differences and help accelerate the process as well as establish a government based on people’s true votes.
National consensus is an important step toward establishing a fair and people’s political system. Doing so would pave the way to intra-Afghan negotiations and push the Taliban to agree on a ceasefire before finalizing an agreement with the United States. Otherwise, the continued electoral disputes and deadlock would not only weaken the government’s hands in peace talks but would further deteriorate the ongoing situation.
Considering the country’s current atmosphere, it is of immense important that the next president form the new government for the sake of political stability and national unity, so that to foil the enemies’ vicious plans and win the ongoing war on terror as well as pave the way for development of the country and accomplish the uncompleted works.
Since the peace talks have come to its crucial steps, therefore only a genuine government and political leadership can talk with the Taliban from a strong position and will protect the achievements made so far in the country.
Meanwhile successful ending of the electoral process would show the international community that Afghans would spare no efforts to safeguard democracy and will seek democratic processes to achieve their legitimate demands.
Prolonging the election process would only benefit the militants and the enemies and the country won’t be able to implement development projects and reach self-sufficiency. The country has already passed four decades of devastating war and no longer tolerate the insecurity, rather willing the new government bring them peace and guarantee the life of the new generation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.