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Students’ day, eternal memoir of every student’s wish

Nov 17 coincides with students day and in our war-torn country, celebration of students day take place with a world of memoirs and problems.
Applicants to universities and higher educations institutions or universities who traverse high peak of back breaking entrance acumination and have to traverse this zig zag path during education too. After graduation and receiving of document which is gotton against expensive price and losing of the best days of adolscense, these graduates have to lead bitter life in the rank of uncertain stand-by. With this unpleasant consequence in the future, they have to celebrate the Students Day now.
Because to have access to the main goal after education which is employments in an official position to serve the people and country as the reward of education years and efforts of father and family members who had undertook them, they would have little chance.
At present thousands graduates who hold BA, MA and PHD degrees and sustained heaving efforts in the hope of the day to help their families, are waiting to find a job. While our students are celebrating their day, expecting those moments to be employed in government departments. They celebrate this day with this wish.
But when this dream and difficulties of accessing to occupation after graduation appear in their minds, instead to increase their pleasure and hopes, contrary it increases their exiety.
We wish our rulers and leaders to have the concern of these long rank of students to celebrate the students’ day with new hopes and wishes and be optimist on their future. Our rulers and leaders should pave the ground for employment of university graduates.
With such hope to future, our students who spend the learning process with fear from insecurity, suicide attacks and are trying to learn modern knowledge and be sincere servants of their people and homeland in future. At present if we discuss system and method of employment of university graduates and watch the extremely high peak of getting occupation, we see that passing through this peak and leaving behind it is very difficult, specially for those graduates who have just graduated and lack experience. Because in their employment format it has been requested to have few years work background and experience to be eligible to attend competition exam.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.