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Student’s capacity building rescues Afghanistan from decades long backwardness

By: Masouda Qarizada

Afghanistan is one of those countries in which the level of literacy and expertise is very low and universities and institutes of higher education lack capacity of granting PhD decree.
Despite of this situation, unbelievably Aqrab 23th the world student day was not gloriously celebrated.
Due to insecurities and poverty the people access to literacy is restricted.
It was expected that glorious of WSD throughout the country should encourage saplings of this territory to be involved in higher education but unfortunately it did not happen.
Even most students are unaware of such a day and claimed that official in charges have never given them essential awareness on this day and have never made short and long term planning on students.
At the age of technology, our students are at close quarters with old and expired, unaccountable curriculum, non-professional teachers and other problems.
If Afghanistan would like to get rid of current crisis and take step toward development and progress, should concentrate on capacity building of students so the next generation become a professional and committed one.
It is the government responsibility to take care of students in remote areas but as we see every year over 50% of higher education applicants failed to achieved their goal. We are facing with shortage of up to date text books and over 90% percent of our students have no access to internet and computer.
If this situation is not changed there would be not hope for improving of our economic and livelihood situation. There are several countries in the world that lack natural resources but are power and wealth poles in the world. Afghanistan with its richest underground resources if own sufficient professional forces would soon join the world developed and progressive countries. It is precisely due to lack of essential knowledge, skill and professionalism among the young Afghan generation that the world community has been facing serious problems for rebuilding of this country. Despite of multi-billion dollar generous assistance the world community and strong physical, political and military presence of the international forces beside the Afghan government, still the socio-economic and political development indexes are undesirable concerning.
Afghanistan still suffering for lack of relative political, social, economic and security stability.
Under such a situation whether can we be hopeful on a stable and peaceful Afghanistan? Whether has managed to exploit properly this partnership of the world community and taken steps for improving its socio- economic and political institution.
Such question has always been occupying public opinion in Afghanistan. Most important of all if thoroughly the answers to these questions is negative, then what are the reason behind Afghanistan’s failure to achieve socio-economic and security stability and not using of current opportunities.
In my opinion, lack of a professional and aware force in Afghanistan has caused it in the last almost two decades to lose golden opportunities and suitable situations due to mismanagement and serious internal weaknesses if serious attention is not invited to professionalism and capacity and skill building of students, Afghanistan would be suffering for many consecutive decades.  

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.