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Stay committed besides expertise to develop country

Undoubtedly, expertise without commitment is like a bird that flies with one wing, and it is too difficult for the convoy of a construction process to reach its destination without commitment. So, the experts of the country should be committed and consider it their duty to serve the country and the nation, work wholeheartedly to realize it and put their plans in the forefront of implementation with complete sincerity and honesty. The experts of the world are often committed in their work, and this commitment has brought their ships to the real shore and their countries have reached the peak of progress and excellence. In Afghanistan, during the period of occupation and twenty years of the two rounds of the so-called republican regimes, a large number of the so-called experts who came from abroad and with their colorful promises placed themselves in the framework of the then governments and stole all the country’s properties and returned to the countries where they had obtained citizenship. Because they did not have honesty and commitment and were often assigned by foreigners. They could not convoy Afghanistan to development and at were not able to least reduce the crisis of poverty and destitution. Over the past twenty years of occupation, if embezzlement and corruption had not reached their peak in Afghanistan and there was commitment and honesty, without a doubt, the country would have been prosperous and the billions of dollars earned by America and the Westerners would not have gone to plunder and destruction and would have been used for the development and tranquility of the country. But the claws of corruption and the republican mafia undermined the country’s economy and infrastructures and deteriorated all nation’s property that only a skeleton and bones remained from Afghanistan. But, after twenty years of occupation and looting, the Islamic Emirate was able to win and implement Islamic law throughout the country and establish a just and accountable government in Afghanistan. Today, Afghanistan, along with freedom and peace, is also experiencing prosperity and progress and with each passing day, it achieves the gem of progress and excellence. Our nation should take advantage of this freedom and peace and use it to work for the settlement, development and progress of the country and make the ruined land prosperous and flourishing. There is no doubt that if expertise and commitment join each other, dear Afghanistan will achieve the blessings of population and prosperity and this brave and honorable nation will rise from the bed of poverty and helplessness and experience a better life and a brighter tomorrow.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.