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Statement of the Islamic Emirate in response to U.S. and UK bombing in Yemen

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan vehemently condemns the recent bombing of Yemen conducted by the United States and Britain and considers this act is a blatant violation of international norms that has further complicated the regional conflict, jeopardizing the security and stability of the Middle East and all countries in the region. America and its partners should learn from their previous transgressions and failures. Unfortunately, the influential governments, both regionally and internationally, were unable to prevent the genocide of Palestinians by the Zionist regime in Gaza. The lack of effective measures in this regard has resulted in the spread of war to other countries, creating insecurity and instability throughout the region. From supporting Israeli crimes to attacking Yemen, all such actions are inhumane, provocative, and direct aggression against Muslim nations. The American and British peoples should not allow their governments to rebel and insurrection against humanity as these cruel actions also inflict suffering and trauma upon their own nations. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan urges Muslim countries to unite in supporting Palestine and other Muslim nations, setting aside their petty differences in this critical times, and fulfilling their obligations towards the oppressed as a unified Ummah. Furthermore, we call upon influential countries to work together in order to prevent further regional instability. They must exert all possible pressure on the Zionist regime and its supporters, urgently halting the massacre of the Palestinian people and the attacks on Yemen and the Palestinian issue must be resolved through a permanent solution.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.