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Statement of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs office of the IEA in response to the recent World Bank report on Afghanistan’s economic situation

On December 4, 2023, the World Bank released a comprehensive report evaluating Afghanistan’s economic status. The report highlights positive trends, including a decrease in inflation, increased national income, higher import levels, a strengthened Afghani, reduced food and non-food prices, improved banking systems, and enhanced healthcare services. The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Office of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan expresses appreciation for the report’s objective and factual portrayal of Afghanistan’s economic advancements. These developments, grounded in reality, showcase positive strides of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan. However, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan challenges the report’s claim that half of the Afghan population lives below the poverty line. Post-re-establishment, substantial progress in trade, industry, agriculture, and infrastructure has generated job opportunities, contributing significantly to resolving citizens’ economic challenges. The Islamic Emirate rejects international institutions’ oversight of these positive changes. The Islamic Emirate asserts that with positive engagement from the international community, lifting existing constraints on the banking system and other sectors, and releasing frozen Afghan assets, the nation can achieve comprehensive economic development. The Islamic Emirate urges international organizations to transparently communicate the ongoing developments in Afghanistan, allowing the world to understand the real situation and progress in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.