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Statement of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs of the IEA in response to the recent WB report on Afghanistan’s economic situation

On July 31 2023, the World Bank published a report on Afghanistan’s economic situation, highlighting positive developments. The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan commends the report for its accurate portrayal of the country’s economic condition and urges the international community not to overlook these positive aspects The report highlights positive developments in Afghanistan’s economy. In recent months, the inflation rate has decreased, domestic food production has risen, and the value of Afghani against foreign currencies has strengthened leading to lower prices for both food and non-food items. The government has taken measures to reduce tariffs on imported food products and has made improvements in the banking system, making it more convenient for businesses. As a result, there have been more employment opportunities, increased exports and imports, and a boost in national revenue additionally, the report acknowledges timely payment of government employee salaries and improved healthcare services for the public. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan believes that positive engagement from the international community, lifting sanctions, and releasing frozen assets would facilitate comprehensive economic development, as well as progress in other areas. It calls upon international organizations to transparently share Afghanistan’s developments, allowing the world to comprehend the actual situation in the country and the strides being made. Furthermore, the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan requests the World Bank not only to disseminate factual information about Afghanistan but also to resume and complete the projects that were previously funded but remained unfinished. Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs Office

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.