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Statement of Islamic Emirate regarding the brutal attack of Zionist regime in Rafah city of Gaza

The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan vehemently denounces the savage bombing carried out by the Zionist regime in Rafah town of Gaza. Due to the ongoing six months of conflict and bombings, Rafah town, situated in the southern region of Gaza, has become a haven for approximately 1.4 million displaced Palestinian Muslims from the northern areas of Gaza, central Gaza, and Khan Yunis. These individuals have been forced to endure dire living conditions, living in constant fear for their safety. Regrettably, the invading forces of the Zionist regime have once again committed a heinous crime against all international principles by mercilessly targeting innocent Palestinian Muslims in their bombing campaign. The Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan considers this act a war crime, a massacre of Palestinian Muslims, and calls upon the Islamic world and other nations to take urgent action to prevent this catastrophe. It is imperative to provide vital provisions such as food, medicine, and humanitarian aid to the suffering Muslim population in Gaza. Unfortunately, regional and international influencial governments have failed to prevent the genocide of Palestinians by the Zionist regime in Gaza. The lack of effective measures has allowed the Zionist regime to reject the peace proposal put forth by Hamas, thereby continuing their barbaric bombing and illegal occupation of the oppressed Muslims in Gaza

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Antonov May 9, 2024 at 9:24 am

Mission is not complete until Israel takes out the trash, which is the Iranian backed terrorists (Hamas). Enough said…

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.