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Statement by Ministry of Foreign Affairs regarding UNSC report on the situation in Afghanistan

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan welcomes decision by UNSC member states on the revival of Afghanistan’s banking and financial systems and humanitarian and to the Afghan people viewing it as a vital step toward assisting the Afghan people. It once again calls on the Unite States of America to unconditionally release Afghanistan’s assets and lift all economic sanctions.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan also consider concerns raised in the UNSC Declaration on the rights of Afghan women as unfounded and reaffirms its commitment to ensuring the rights of women, children and minorities within the accepted religious and cultural framework of the Afghan people.
Since the people of Afghanistan are predominantly Muslim, the Afghan government considers the observance of Islamic hijab to be in line with the religious and cultural practices of society and aspirations of majority of Afghan women, and stresses that nothing has been imposed on the Afghan people that runs counter to the religious and cultural beliefs of the Islamic society.
While the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan respects freedom of religion of peoples and believes in resolving problems through dialogue, it also expects world countries to discern objective realities of Afghan society, show respect towards the religious and cultural values of the Afghan people and not pass verdicts based on malicious and antagonist reporting of some media outlets, or propaganda by opposition to the Islamic Emirate.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.