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Spring and vibes for new start

With the onset of spring, the passion for taking a new start with new hopes arises.
All the living things, particularly human beings emerge with fresh energy to take new starts or get back on the path to progress and improvement. We Afghans live in a war-torn and impoverished country, and our winters are full of problems due to the lack of much-needed equipment. Moreover, when the world bias media propagates that millions of people will lose their lives due to lack of insufficient food and other basic needs. Thank to Almighty Allah, we are up again on our feet and survived in the harsh cold winter. It is a great favor and a great grace that it rained sufficiently in this winter and our agricultural lands were fed. Overcoming the 20-year occupation, where all values and priorities had been alienated from foreigners, we are entering a new phase and have become independent in prioritizing our values, needs, estimations and calculations. It is therefore imperative to identify the factors which have an effect on the self-sufficiency of the country from the first day of this spring.
We should not spend money to implement foreign projects or promoting foreign culture but will spend our national capital on establishing and promoting our infrastructure, national assets and national economy.
In addition, we will invest on political, administrative and military parts with full reforms in comparison to the former administration that was full of corruption. There would be special attention to educate the nation’s children with pure religious and national values. We hope that the current spring will be full of fragrance, goodness, prosperity and great achievements for the Afghan people around the world and pray and aspire for an independent, self-sufficient and prosperous Afghanistan. Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.