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Sports; the messenger of peace

By: Nangyali Osmani

Jamshid Mohammadi is one of one of the country’s top free-fighters who is also working as technical deputy for OFFC. He was born in Kabul. He has graduated from economic faculty. In an interview with The Kabul Times sports correspondent, Jamshid by pointing to his sports works said: “As I was very interested in sports, I started the kick-boxing professionally under the supervision of Fahim Formuli nearly 18 years ago.”
“For eight years, I’ve been wearing national uniform of the kick-boxing,” Mohammadi said, adding that he participated in 17 kick-boxing competitions from which he received seven medals.
He further said that he was acquainted with seven style of the kick-boxing, pointing that he later started the free-fight sport under the instruction of Ustad Wasi Qayoumi, the founder of free-fight sports.
Related to his internal competitions, Mohammadi said that he was honored with the gold medal after he participated in countrywide competitions held by OFFC in 2018. Jamshid Mohammadi is now providing the free-fight training to 200 students in a big club in Kabul.
Pointing to competition he participated in foreign countries, Mohammadi said: “In a world competition of Karate hosted and held by India in 2014, I was honored with a gold medal and later I participated in a kick-boxing competition from which I got also a gold medal. In 2017, I got the title of championship and belt in an international competition of free-fight held in India.”
In the meantime, Mohammadi got another gold medal in a free-fight competition held in India in 2018. In a message, he asked all Afghan youth not to leave their country and those interested in sports should join sports clubs and do sports regularly.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.