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Special IDs to be issued to journalists in Afghanistan

Afghanistan Ministry of Information and Culture  (MoIC) has decided that all journalists will be issued special journalist identification cards. According to the ministry, no other institutions have the right to interfere in media-related issues and media violation commission. The ministry’s decision has been praised in social media as the ministry wants to pay particular attention to journalists in the country.

“I consider the ministry’s decision as a good step towards commitment to national interests. It is good if particular attention is paid to journalists and media workers as media is considered as a key power of the government,” said Mohammad Jamalzada, a Kabul resident. He added that each media worker and journalist should be appreciated as they do hard work.Waris Abid, Kheyal Mohammad Khushal and Emran Amin have similar opinion and are praising the ministry of information and culture for paying particular attention to journalists. They asked the Islamic Emirate to do more for the safety and security of journalists in the country as most of the time they were merely the victims of some incidents. They also asked the Islamic Emirate to appreciate journalists and help them build their capacity so that they can present the country’s good image to the world. Following the Islamic Emirate takeover, a large number of journalists have lost their jobs as many of the media outlets have ceased their operations. Most of the journalists are now facing with economic problems. Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.